MTV India’s Next Top Model 2 Episode 14th August 2016 Video Models Gets Smoking Hot Photo-Shoot

MTV India’s Next Top Model 2 Episode 14th August 2016 Video Models Gets Smoking Hot Photo-Shoot :- India’s Next Top Model Season 2 has just got hotter day by day so the show is touted as a sexy and hotter show! In the show now nine hopefuls’ sexy models embrace their inner sexy look so they can now look sizzling on their latest photo-shoots.


First, it was a ‘chemistry’ task in which the girls have to pose with a topless male model in order to create genuine chemistry with him in the photos. But if the handsome hunk will be unable to developed chemistry with them then the girls have to shoot the same photo with the horse.

Some girls struggle to hold their balance, while others decide to showcase their adventurous. Sweet Akanksha is the first contestant who proved herself that she is a rocking participant.

Kneeling instead, she has found many more interesting ways to interact with the male model and she developed even a good rapport with the photographer.

Subhamita the boldest girl of the group, so she takes her competition to another level with her edgy poses! Poulomi jealous to see that Subhamita, did her task so gracefully as she is not in good terms with Poulomi anyway. But not as bad as Neelam, who is almost overwhelmed by her fear and she was about to fall from the horse but just she hold herself.

She finds it hard to relax and their efforts actually impressed both Neeraj Gaba and Dabboo Ratnani. Lisa Mail asked to the contestants to have a head makeup in the makeup salon to doll up for their sexy photo-shoot.

Posing with miniature furniture, Anusha Dandekar encourages the girls to be playful and sexy with their own style. Feeling its premium material against their skin, but in any case the participants’ have to look seductive which they managed to did.

Anusha actually impressed with the girls but Ritija fail to impress Anusha as Ritija looks uncomfortable in front of the camera and she also fell to give sexy poses, so judge consider her as the weakest wild card entry of the show.

Priya, who is in Bottom Two in two consecutive weeks, but she get a strong comeback on the modelling show!
Lisa says about her happily that, “This is by far the best you’ve done on the show. I feel like the golden chance I gave you (last week) was worth it”. Upen Patel was special judge of the last week show and he seems impressed with the dusky beauty Jantee.

About her picture Upen says, “Stunning! I love the picture”. Except Lisa nobody praised Subhamitra as they asked about her that Subhamitra is having lack of confidence.

The head judge speaks about her that, “I feel as though it’s too much about you being a diva”.

“It’s not enough about you working the chemistry with your fellow male model. This picture is not working for me”, he added further. Poulomi has won over the judges’ hearts, especially, Upen mesmerised to see her and he said about her that, “this is my favourite picture. You’re looking stunning. The way you’re holding him. It’s fire”!

Pranati fails to create sparks with the male model and Ritija to fail to impress judges. About Ritija Lisa said that, “you’re our wild card entry and you’re not looking wild at all”. So you can guess on that note Ritija’s journey come to an end in the MTV India’s Next Top Model Season 2.