MTV India’s Next Top Model 2 Episode 31st July 2016 Video, Top 10 Girls Names Come Out

MTV India’s Next Top Model 2 Episode 31st July 2016 Video, Top 10 Girls Names Come Out :- In the second episode of the TV show, MTV India’s Next Top Model Season 2 it is the girls has been seen in bikinis and they were looking much impressive in their bold Avatar. But in among 13 girls as per rules, only three girls decided to be evicted as the panel judge members announced that they will selects 10 contestants’ anyway.

MTV India’s Next Top Model 2

So three girls get evicted last week from the show and 10 lucky contestants remain in the cut-throat competition. On the last week, we saw the judges send 13 girls soaring in the ‘Girls On Top’ photo shoot, the panel judge members has been seen review the pictures of the Top Model and they also announced about their potential.

Kolkata-girl Subhamita, steals the show completely and she also managed to impressed the panel judge members with her amazing hot photoshoot, so she won the best photo of the last week.

Akanksha and Rajashree both looked perfect in their shoot, but Mr. Neeraj Gaba seems to select Rajashree as she is having her bold stylish attitude and she shows the same for her photo shoot.

22-year-old budding model Jantee successfully secures her place in the Top Model house with her quirky photo shoot. Even Mr. Gaba has been smitten by the young contestant so Anusha Dandekar gives a compliment to her.
Anusha Dandekar said in a statement, “Oh my god, you made Mr. Gaba smile! He gave you a compliment, so I’m just shocked. I’m speechless!”

Neelam, from Pune, swiftly makes a name for herself as the crier on the modelling show.She was blubbing at the photo shoot and her voices were shivering so Lisa Haydon asked to her, “Already?”

But she has been selected as she was the first person who dares to showcase her photo shoot. And Liza Haydon also stated about her that she is having a charming personality so she has been selected by the team.

Ashmita from Mumbai managed to impress the panel judge members but she is having somehow rude attitude and she need to brush it. Dabbo Ratnani asked about her that, “You were looking at the camera with a lot of anger.”

At last Minash, Poulomi, Pranati and Priya has been selected. Liza encouraged Ashmita by saying that, “I actually think that underneath all of this, there is sweetness.”

These are the 10 lucky girls who have been successfully moving to Top Model house as Top Ten India’s Next Top Model, and then each of them received a gift hamper from Lakme in which they can now pamper themselves from their head to toe.

No wonder why they look everlasting stylish always. Now when the girls have been selected as Top Ten participants’ so Anusha announced that they have to handover their mobile phones as from now onward nothing can distract them.

They only need to focus on their modelling now. The VJ turn supermodel Alesia Raut will be there to teach the girls how to master in their catwalk – ‘heel-toe, shoulders back proper walking style.