Karan Chabra Get Dumped! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 28th August 2016 Hd Video Sunny leone Task

Karan Chabra Get Dumped! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 28th August 2016 Hd Video Sunny leone Task :- The Splitsvilla season 9 is rated one of the most famous reality show. The show is filled with the thriller, action, and drama.


The show began with the tension between the rest of the splits villains that who will get the dumped from the show. Meanwhile, there was no task done by any member of the Splitsvilla as all the task were done itself in the previous episode, where the task of the love triangle was won by the trio of the Mia, Ayaan, and Zain and by winning the task they also secured themselves from the dumping zone.

Apart from these three, all the warriors were sent directly to the dumping ground. And, now the fate of the warriors in the dumping zone, relies heavily on the two queen of Splitsvilla Kavya and Rajnandini.

The queens of the Splitsvilla had a gala time during the date. Queen Rajnandani who is considered to be the evil queen took revenge from Martina and Varun and on the other side, Kavya the bold princess made all the princess Isha, Priya, and Shreeradhe dances to her tunes.

And all the splits villains had no option except following the order of both the queen as their fate lies in their hands. Then, everyone reached to the dumping ground where except Mia, Ayaan, and Zain all were in the dangerous zone and the sword of eviction was hanging on them.

This is the first time in the history of Splitsvilla 9 when there one princess is sitting safely and rest warriors and princesses on the opposite side.

Then, the book of fortune was asked to open and asked to bring a new turn. But, surprisingly, this time, Book of fortunes gave the full authority to both queens to dump a princess and a warrior from the nominated contestants.

The bold queen Kavya dumped the Karan Chabra and evil queen Rajnandani dumped the Priya. Shreeradhe was broken as her connection Karan Chabra was dumped and her request for dumping her connection did not work.

But there was still a ray of hope as a chance was given to Mia to reverse one of the decisions of the Queen and save one from elimination but in place of it, one of his brother Ayaan or Zain will have to be dumped.

But the twist in the story came, when Mia was not come up with a decision. And, surprisingly Zain decided to quit the show to save the love connection of his brother Ayaan’s connection Priya.

Well, this was something hell of a decision, but we have seen the same kind of experience in previous seasons too. And, thanx to Zain, Ayaan’s connection was saved and he quit the show.