Today task! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 10th September 2016 Video Fight b/w Rajnandini & Kavya

Today task! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 10th September 2016 Video Fight b/w Rajnandini & Kavya :- Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha’s Love based television reality show “MTV Splitsvilla Season 9” is now a day’s having super duper awesome feedback because of its different entertainment value. In the very last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9, we have seen the Interesting tasks among the girls and boys participants’.


  • Mia’s insecurity has reached its PEAK!
  • Do you think Kavya will save Abhishek and Ayan?
  • Oops an awkward chocolate bite between Abhishek and Ayan 😛
  • We’re excited to watch Mia play the game in “The Mia Style”! Are you?
  • Will Nikhil choose his connection over friendship? :/
  • Oops…Nikhil she’s Mia not Martina 😛
  • Do you think Rajnandini is a Pacifier?
  • Whom will the ‘Book of Fortune’ favour this time?
  • Archie is Dumped! :O The evil queen lost her connection…
  • Which princess will compete the queens in the finals? :0

Now the show is all set to witness some more elimination in the Dumping ground as now the show is all set to reach in its final round ASAP in the coming days.

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Now afterward the tasks of the show some of the contestants are unsafe now and now they reached to the Dumping ground episode. Massive twists and turns are awaited in the show and this is from the Book of Fortune.

Splitsvilla 9 journey turned wild as queens Rajnandini and Kavya now coming against each other face to face.
Looks like another love triangle is brewing in the villa! In the villa this week we can see heart breaks even and seems like Rajnandini and Kavya come face to face as they wish to date the same guy.

Sunny Leone is hosting the popular MTV youth reality show Splitsvilla 9 and she is the most approachable person on the show. Always she is there to encourage contestants to form connections in the Villa. But tonight something will happen which will be keeping her just annoying.

Sunny was seen supporting Karan Chhabra and Shreeradhe’s connection in the past and in the upcoming episode, but tonight she will be seen annoying with Nikhil for choosing his gang as he is fond of Mia. It seems like Mia is the new love of Nikhil.

Sunny was upset with Nikhil for choosing his friends- Martina, Kavya, Gurmeet and Varun over his connection Mia in the dumping ground.

Seeing Mia distressed and furious with Nikhil for giving more preference to Martina, Sunny asked Nikhil that he need to understand that his whole and sole reason for being in the villa is Mia who just follow Nikhil blindly.

On the fight between Mia and Nikhil, Sunny said, “I think it’s the jealousy of the friendship. The friendship among the four of them is stronger than any connection here. You have to take the word group out of your sentence. It is a problem. Mia hangs on to every word Nikhil says. Mia does it all”.

Archie expressed his fear of getting dumped and this sentence actually, makes the evil queen emotional. Archie feared that Kavya’s conflict with Rajnandini can affect his connection with his love of life.

A source close to the sets said, “It was cute to see Archie express his feelings for Rajnandini in the Patate Rahosession. Archie even said that he would want to take his connection with Rajnandini beyond the Villa”.

This was a weak moment for the love birds proves and Archie and Rajnandini go close with each other to share some proximity and Archie also confessed his feelings for Rajnandini, which make Rajnandini emotional.