MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 13th August 2016 Hd Video Kavya Khurana Give Up Their Throne!

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 13th August 2016 Hd Video Kavya Khurana Give Up Their Throne! :- The MTV Splitsvilla 9 episode 12 started on a funny note in which they have to perform a special task called OLX India Bech De Task. They were asked to form a team of two, strip down to nothing but boxers and then have to see all the stuff they are having in their basket.

MTV Splitsvilla 9

Varun Sood and Karan Chabra were together in a group, Karan Khanna and Archie were together in the team the task and they were seen competing with each other. It is Ayan and Zain was also seen performing and they also managed to have immunity in the task called OLX India Bech De.

The boys were seen trying their best to sell the stuff and to gain the human attention they have been seen posing semi-naked avatar on the street. Still, boys failed to entertain audiences but it is only Karan Khanna has been managed to entertain the maximum crowd during the task, we wonder who is going to emerge the winner of this MTV Splitsvilla 9 OLX India Bech De Task.

Karan Khanna and Archie win the task to gain immunity in the villa, but they witness a whole new drama on the dumping ground of the show. Kavya Khurana gives up her power she is having for the throne as she experiences emotional burst out on the show.

Apart from the dumping ground drama, it is also romanced blossom between Karan Chhabra and Shreeradhe! But Priya Haridas seems not any more interested in Karan Khanna as nowadays she finds Ayan as the hotter.

Before the queens make a decision, Martina requests Rajnandini to not dump Varun Sood. Before the decision is made the Book of Fortune is opened which bring a huge twist in the show MTV Splitsvilla 9 and it also changed the participants’ fate instead!

Kavya shocks everyone by making her decision in vain! As she dumps for no reason Karan Chhabra and she said that her competition with Shreeradha is too tough. Rajnandini dumps Varun and Martina and Varun has to bear the consequences of the Kavya’s wrong decision. Rajnandini considered that her decision is good for the villa.

Martina becomes evidently upset to see that Kavya is taking a risk. As soon as Karan Chhabra gets dumped, Shreeradhe makes the ultimate sacrifice and joins him to leave the villa as her love and friendship with Karan is incredible.

The dumping ground has yet again turned into an emotional roller coaster ride in which girls including Shreeradhe, Martina and Gurmeet get teary eyes.

There’s another twist that the Book of Friendship has unrolled and Kavya also showcase her true friendship by giving up her throne for Varun. This is followed by yet another sacrifice by Rajnandini who also gives up the throne for her friend. For the first time ever, something so unique witnessed by the MTV Splitsvilla 9.