#MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17th September 2016 Video, Nikhil Win, Karan express love for Shreeradhe

#MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17th September 2016 Video, Karan express his love for Shreeradhe :- Love seems to be ruling the Villa of love “MTV Splitsvilla 9” as in the upcoming episode, the Villa’s most steady couple, Gurmeet will be seen proposing his ladylove, Kavya and he will be going off her feet in order to impress her in the cutest way. It is actually now Kavya and Gurmeet decided to propose their love to each other as actually, they are in love with each other.


Gurmeet, being the gentleman he is, went on his knees to propose his Princess Kavya. Kavya seemed to be totally surprised, indeed she also has been seen impressed by her knight in shining armor. It is actually Gurmeet has been appearing in his different elegant style.

Gurmeet’s loving proposal to Kavya actually shut down his hater’s mouth and Kavya also has been seen accepting his proposal. They shared a romantic and cosy moment and danced with each other. It will be really having eyeballs from the fans as Gurmeet will be seen giving a passionate kiss to Kavya.

Are you ready to watch tonight’s Bajathe Raho session?


Looks like Shreeradhe is the first target! 😐


Mia gets made fun of for her accent!


Karan Khanna is asked to justify his actions with Shree!


Martina gets the cunning chudail tag!


Gurmeet professes his love for Kavya in front of all the Splitsvillans <3


Shree chooses to give Martina the disadvantage in today’s task!


Gurmeet gets left behind and goes into the dumping zone directly!


Mia and Shreeradhe are off to a great start!


Martina’s disadvantage might cost her this task! :O


Karan Khanna’s got the lead on this one!


Karan cuts the wrong rope!

Nikhil makes it in time and he WINS!


On Proposing to Kavya, Gurmeet said to media, “Kavya and I have a strong connection since the first day we entered the Villa. I was given an opportunity to confess my feelings for her and I thought there couldn’t be a better way to let her know how I feel for her”.

The ninth season of MTV’s popular youth reality shows Splitsvilla, is actually giving us massive entertainment. This week the show is yet to introduce many interesting and exciting tasks. The task is tentatively title as Bajate Raho session which is yet to turn a CONTROVERSIAL.

Splittsvillains got the chance to release weeks of pent up frustration and anger against each other in the ‘93.5 Bajate Raho’ session this weekend.

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Bajate Raho session proved to be a stress buster for a few participants’ as in this task people need to speak about each other which is yet literally proved an eye opener.

The best part of the Bajate Raho session was that the princesses who usually sit on the throne will be seen performing with each other contestants as per basis of their performances the contestants’ will be seen having their position in the love based reality show “MTV Splitsvilla 9”.