Semi Finals! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 1st October 2016 Video Fight, Varun & Martina win Task to Grand finale

Semi Finals! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 1st October 2016 Video Fight, Varun & Martina win Task to Grand finale :- The Ninth season of the love based TV reality shows MTV Splitsvilla is now all set to witness its grand finale round as the show is all set to end tonight in a grandeur event. The show which depicts love, friendship, laughter, betrayal has only one last episode left which will be done this Saturday. The journey of the Splitvillians begins in the Splitsville in the month of June and it lasted for the month of September to see its grand finale on 1st October. MTV Splitsvilla 9 at a glance: Journey of Splitsvillans

With the host like Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha, the MTV show gives us huge entertainment and on seeing images on the social site and the internet about the show already giving Goosebumps to the fans.

Aficionados’ are now just having the butterfly in their stomach to see the winner from the love based reality show “MTV Splitvilla 9”. The journey of the villa is touted as the beautiful but it is also the emotional one and dumping round is something which is actually memorable for the Splitvillians.

  • #Whoops Uh oh! Looks like some feathers are going to get ruffled now that the ex-Splitsvillans are back


  • Looks like Mayuri isn’t letting Karan Khanna off the hook any time soon!


  • Nick and Ayaan are at loggerheads again! 😐
  • The Splitsvillans kick off their last day in the villa with the semi-final task!Are you excited?


  • Gurmeet chooses to opt out of this task to save his energy for the finale!Will Archie come to Shree’s rescue?
  • Who do you think will win this task?

    Good luck to Varun, Martina, Nikhil and Mia!


  • Mia is proving to be a super tough competitor!


  • Well done, Mia!


  • Martina tries a different strategy! 😉


  • Who are you rooting for?


  • Varun calls out to Martina just in time!


  • Both girls finish in time and the competition has never been closer! :O


  • Martina gets the 1st shot and Mia, with her shaky hands misses!


  • Mia misses her 2nd shot as well!


  • And…Martina gets that last shot! 😀

Varun and Martina have made it to the finals!


  • Mia is beyond disappointed with the way things turned out and blames Martina for being unfair!

Do you agree with her?


MTV Splitsvilla is an Indian television love based reality show that airs on MTV India based on the American dating reality TV show Flavor of Love show. The Indian version of the show is presented by Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone and we can say that MTV Splitsvilla is as much popular as the American dating reality TV show Flavor of Love show.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winner Name

MTV Splitvilla witness 8th successful season to see its 9th Season which actually picturised in the beautiful locations of the Puducherry.

Throwing light on the love based TV reality shows MTV Splitsvilla 9 have 15 celebrity boys and 6 gorgeous girls who have come to find their true love! It is all about to see the grand finale know whether the participants’ find their love or not.

This time, MTV Introduced new theme “Where Women Rule” so as per tagline it is the girls actually ruled this season of the show. And it is indeed the 9th season of the MTV Splitsville was all about girls and their show. As per concept of the show, this time, there was no concept of the King, only there was concept of the Queen.

Rajnandi who is touted as the evil queen of the show actually steals the show to showcase that she actually has most of the time to dump the participants’. Indeed Rajnandini and Kavya will be seen competing in the final episode being both of them are the queens.

Boys (Warriors) Finalist
Nikhil Sachdeva (Nik)
Varun Sood VJ
Pratik Kalsi (Archie)
Gurmeet Singh Rehal

Girls (Princesses) Finalist
Kavya Khurana (Queen)
Rajnandini Borpuzari (Queen)
Martina Thariyan
Mia Lakra
Shreeradhe Khanduja

The Princesses and Warriors on the show will be have a pleasant surprised tonight to see the ex-Splitsvillains will be seen making their way back to the Villa to chill with the princess and the warriors.

Anyway it will be interesting to see which couple is going to win the love based TV reality show MTV Splitsvilla SEaso 9, to see that don’t forget to tune MTV channel this evening.