Princess Mia In Safe Zone! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 21st August 2016 Hd Video New Task

Princess Mia In Safe Zone! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 21st August 2016 HD Video New Task :- The reality TV shows MTV Splitsvilla 9 last night episode begins with the Queen Kavya is somehow unhappy to see princess Mia in the safe zone. Due to Mia won the Lictionary task in the villa so she is now receiving power in the villa which actually makes the Queen Kavya jealous on her.


After winning the task Mia actually puts some of the participants like Varun Sood, Martina Thariyan and Gurmeet Singh into trouble and those guys need to sort out this issue now. As we all are aware of till now that the Queens Kavya and Rajnandini sacrificed their thrones to save their friends in the dumping zone. And they also said thanks to the Book of Fortune as their friends Varun and Karan got saved.


The Licktionary was the laughter riot for the hosts Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha and even for the viewers. For a minute the anger within the contestants has been dissolved by the queen. In tonight episode there will be Patate Raho session in which the girls will have to impress

The participants’ need to lick something in the last night which participants’ did properly, and when Sunny Leone explained about the task, all were left stunned to see this and they also showcase their naughty moves.

The boys would get a random flavour and they just receive the taste of the same. It wasn’t just plain licking but they actually lick Masala. And the flavours the poor warriors had to lick were pastes of chocolate, karela, red chilli, sambar chutney and many others.

Somehow the boys managed to do it well and when the boys had to lick some different taste they feel atrocities on the same. Next, then the Love Triangle task introduced in which the 2 boys have to impress one girl and the girl who will be impressing with a particular task will win the same.

The task had to be played in a team of three. In the team, there were princess Mia and she got the golden chance to decide the order which team would play first to last. Mia thinks to put Gurmeet, Martina and Varun first in the dumping zone. This task was supposed to be played in three stages and it was just funny.

The two queens Kavya and Rajnandini perform on the Bajao team in which when they will say Bajao the couple then has to stop and dance for 30 seconds in the craziest way. Another funny note was when a couple had to burst the balloons on over the bed. It is Karan Chabbra and Shreeradhe actually entertained everyone in the villa.

Now Ranvijay announced that Ayaan, Mia and Zain’s team was saved but rest of the participants’ move into dumping zone since Nick was absent during the task but still he found himself in the danger zone.

In the upcoming episode of the MTV Splitsvilla 9, we will see that the bold queen Kavya and the evil queen Rajnandini decides to dump and how the Book of Fortune will change the game forever.