Grand Finale! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8th October 2016 Video Winner Name Kavya & Gurmeet

Grand Finale! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8th October 2016 Video Winner Name Kavya & Gurmeet :- The Popular reality show “Splitsvilla” do needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular TV reality youth based show among the mass. The TV reality “Splitsvilla” is known for its high-voltage melodrama with the ultimate goal the show has to have a loving winning couple. Splitsvilla 9 Winner Name

This ongoing season of the show is not the diverse one as this time the “Splitsvilla Season 9” also delivers us the best stuff which it’s used to delivers in its earlier season. If reports are to be believed, Gurmeet Singh Rehal and Kaavya Khurana are declared winners of this season.

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  • The finalists are about to get their instructions on the task!


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  • So many obstacles! :O


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  • And…it has BEGUN!May the strongest and most deserving contenders win! <3


  • Turns out the 1st task is a lot harder than it looks!


  • Gurmeet and Kavya have taken the lead!


  • Kavya’s doing a great job!


  • Kavya’s got the scepter! :O Will she be able to get past Mayuri?


  • Kavya and Gurmeet make to the finish line together! <3


  • Gurmeet’s dream has finally been fulfilled!


  • #Cheers to the ultimate Queen and the first and last King of MTV #Splitsvilla9 #KavMeet


According to a report published in the leading entertainment portal Reality Post, the queens Martina, Kavya and Rajnandini competed with their connections Varun, Gurmeet and Archie and with some ex-Splitsvilla play an important role to select the winners.

The winners just win the show as they showcase their connections’ to the show anyway. As per reports, Gurmeet expressed how badly he wanted to win the show, after he lost another reality show “MTV Roadies X 2” from Prince Narula who already won “Bigg Boss 9” too.

In the grand finale round of the show “MTV Splitsvilla 9” tonight we will see the queens Martina, Kavya and Rajnandini will be the battle with their warriors Varun, Gurmeet and Archie in order to win the show.
“MTV Splitsvilla 9” that premiered on June 11, started out with 6 queens and 15 warriors after 4 months of fight this Saturday the show is all set to have its final round. It will be interesting to see what kind of fights they will be seen doing.

Due to the ex-contestants will play a major role in deciding the winner it will be just better than the best final round with unique concept. The ex-participants’ will be having a special power to select the winner.

The Evil Queen Rajnandini told to the Tellychakkar.com. about the final round that, “I was extremely excited to be a part of the grand finale of Splitsvilla. I feel lucky enough to have been-been the top 3 queens to have made it to the finale. Moreover, fighting the last battle with my connection, Archie was what I had always wanted to do and we did perform the last task together. I couldn’t have asked for more”! MTV Splitsvilla 9 at a glance: Journey of Splitsvillans! Fight, Love, Romance, Task

Gurmeet Singh Rehal and Kaavya Khurana are the winners of this season of Splitsvilla as they managed to show their worth in every round of the show. Gurmeet also badly wanted to win the show so no wonder why his friends just support him.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winner Name

  • Gurmeet Singh Rehal and Kaavya Khurana winner

  • Martina and Varun 1st Runner-up

  • Rajnandini and Archie 2nd Runner-up

According to reports published in the leading portals, Gurmeet Singh Rehal and Kaavya Khurana have been announced as the winners of “MTV Splitsvilla” 9, hosted by Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone and the winning couple is touted as the most powerful couple too who actually proved their worth in every aspect of the show.

But some participants are not happy to see Kavya and Gurmeet as the winning couple all though most of the participants cast their votes for them anyway. That is why some participants stated to media about the issue that, “Yes, even we felt that the makers gave importance to Gurmeet and Varun, but I am shocked to know that it was pre-decided. It’s unethical on the makers’ part as we have equally put in efforts to win the show.

The contestant stated to media this as an anonymity, “Gurmeet was initially dumped by one of the princesses, but the ‘Book of Fortunes’ was opened at the same moment and he got saved. One cannot dictate in terms of task performance, but can certainly manipulate scenarios to suit someone’s interest,” another contestant added further.

The reality show will air the finale episode of its ninth season on tonight which is touted as one of the most popular TV reality show based on the theme of love. It is an Indian version of the American love based reality show “The Flavour Of Love” and the Indian version is the as popular as like its international show.