MTV Splitsvilla 9: Martina & Varun Love Story, Chemistry Will They Win The Show?

MTV Splitsvilla 9: Martina & Varun Love Story, Chemistry Will They Win The Show? :- The biggest reality show of the television, MTV Splitsvilla there are so many couples who went through the seasons but some have a special impact on the hearts of the fans. In the most popular show, MTV Splitsvilla season 9 Both Varun and Martina have the biggest fan following on social Media as a couple and as an individual both.


The couple manages to steal the limelight on the show quite well. Whether Martina is everyone’s favorite for her looks, for being a queen or for having the intense love for Varun on the show and before the show. On the other hand, Varun, as being the hottest on the show or being an intense lover on the show, manages to steal the hearts of the fans every time. The show hosted by Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singh has created so many hazards in the journey of the couple’s life but both of them beautifully handled to be together no matter how hard the situations are and how hard the tasks are.


We have so many instances that proved their love is as strong as the cupid’s arrow:-

When Martina asked Varun to dance with her as to reconcile their fight 

There are so many moments of them to remember but some are so special that has left all of the girls jealous as when Martina became the queen and dumped Niharika. Varun was frantic at Martina for this as of which they had an immense fallout. But then another day, when the girls were invited to dance for the boys, the queen Martina too came forward and asked Varun to dance with her. Keeping all their argument aside, they gave us a chilling moment.

When Martina was body shamed and Varun stood up for her 

Body shaming is one of the cheapest ways to let anyone down, and Isha did the same even when she did not have any valid point against Martina. However, Martina was bold enough to stand out against her, Varun, who rarely ever speaks up, stood against Isha and proved how unique Martina is to him. The moment he said everything was commendable.


When he chose to go on a date with Martina knowing that it might get him dumped 

In episode 10, it was pretty apparent that Rajnandini was intended to evict Varun as he has love in his heart for Martina. It was held that anyone else would’ve used the night before the elimination to impress Rajnandini will be on the safer side, but rather, Varun chose to spend his last day with Martina.


When Martina gave up her throne to save Varun 

Even after the fact insecure evil queen Rajnandini dumped Varun and Martina was left in tears she even begged her not to do this. Martina without wasting any moment chose to open the book of fortune and the hosts did so. The book of fortune asked Martina to give up her throne in order to save Varun. She gave up her throne for the love of Varun. Her selfless love for Varun again proved that love is unconditional and also she is the real queen.

After all, this and bond between the both we can say doubtlessly the couple will surely gonna win the title leaving all the barriers behind.