MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winner Name 2016 Final Result Gurmeet Singh Rehal & Kaavya Khurana

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winner Name 2016 Final Result Gurmeet Singh Rehal & Kaavya Khurana:- The Splitsvilla season 9 is raising the TRP charts just like its previous editions. This show was kicked off way back one and half months back with numbers of contestants.


The queen of seduction, Sunny Leone is the host of this show along with Ranvijay Singh. The show is slowly moving towards its finale, and already there are the couple of love connection who are looking the perfect contender to wear the crown of winners of the ninth edition of Splitsvilla.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 at a glance: Journey of Splitsvillans! Fight, Love, Romance, Task

The Splitsvilla is all about making your connection in the villa, and the only connection is the thing that can help in winning this show.The show began with individuals girls and boys, and they were given the chance to groom their relationship with the fellow splitsvillans. Although many tried only a few succeed, and those succeed, they are still in the show.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winner Name

We have brought the names of the duo who have a potential to be the champion of this edition of Splitsvilla.

  • Gurmeet Singh Rehal and Kaavya Khurana winner

  • Martina and Varun 1st Runner-up

  • Rajnandini and Archie 2nd Runner-up

Grand Finale! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8th October 2016 Video

1. Gurmeet and Kavya


This duo is not only sharing their love bound in Splitsvilla but they were together from the show Roadies. These both have a kind of connection that can lead them to the champion of this Splitsvilla season 9.

Kavya is the queen of the Splitsvilla, and she is every bit to save her connection. In the last episode, Kavya and Gurmeet proposed each other and even locked their lips on national television. This shows their bond and connection

Although, in the last episode Gurmeet was directly sent to the dumping ground and it will be interesting to will he retrieve from it, or he will vanish forever from the 9th season of Splitsvilla.

But, one thing is sure that the connection between Kavya and Gurmeet will help them in claiming the title.

2. Varun and Martina


Well, I know you will feel that why I put the name of these two individual together. This is the another couple who are together right from the recently concluded Roadie. Although, there is hot buzz that Martina has dumped Varun for another guy named Suraj it is also a fact that this ex-couple has the potential of becoming the ultimate champion of Splitsvilla 9.

This couple has separated, but they are still very much determined to win this show and even, audience loves the on-screen chemistry of this pair. If Varun and Martina maintained to forge their connection till the last day of Splitsvilla, then it is possible that this couple may win the show.

3. Nikhil and Miya.


Former Roadies winner Nikhil has found her partner in the previous season of Splitsvilla, Mia. These both shared a considerable amount of chemistry that can help them in winning the show.

Well, these are the three couple who are favorite to win the ninth edition of Splitsvilla. Amongst these Gurmeet and Kavya has the firepower to be the ultimate King and Queen of Splitsvilla.

Stay tuned for the further updates.