Mumbai: A man poisoned his 3 daughters and committed suicide

Mumbai: A man poisoned his 3 daughters and committed suicide : On Saturday, after poisoning his 3 daughters,  a man has committed suicide in the Sakinaka Area of Mumbai. His 3 daughters were also died.

Mumbai Police said that the exact reason behind the death has not been revealed yet and we are investigating the case of murder and suicide. There are no suspecting reasons behind this Mumbai man’s death.


But, local police was investigating to know the reason behind the suicide. One of the 3 died girls was approx five years and other two were twin daughters of around three years of age.

According the report that man was involved in some property dispute with his relatives. This may be reason behind the suicide. Recently, an issue happened between him and his relatives regarding the property.

On Friday, the wife of deceased man also had some argument with the family and she left for her parents’ home in the Mira Road area. His wife has left the small kids with him and went to her mother’s home without thinking about them.

The Police are investigating the exact reasons behind the incident. As per the information received they are suspecting the relatives and his Wife.