Mumbai Auto rickshaw Strike: Over 4 lakh auto drivers to be on indefinite strike

Mumbai Auto rickshaw Strike: Over 4 lakh auto drivers to be on indefinite strike: Auto-rickshaw drivers have recently threatened to go on an indefinite strike from Monday midnight for the fare hike demand. All the commuters in the city who travel on daily basis through auto are possibly going to have tough time in traveling.

As per to a Mumbai Mirror report, there are going to be about 2.2 lakh rickshaws who are going to remain off roads in Mumbai in order to support their fare hike demands. There are more than 350 different associations that have come together in order to stand in unity for their demand.

The latest report also states that a total of 20 lakh auto drivers are likely to participate in the strike.

Apparently, the Union also wants the government to restrict the procedure of issuing permits for auto rickshaws.  Shashank Rao, who is the Union Leader said in the report which is as quoted, “In Mumbai alone in the past one year, the number of auto-rickshaws has increased from one lakh to two-lakhs.” He further alleged that many of these rickshaws are running illegally.

The Union demands that the auto fare hike is the need of the hour for the reason that they have not upraised the fares in the previous three years.  Medical benefits as well as pension schemes should also be launched under the Welfare Board for Auto drivers are also a number of the demands of the auto drivers.

Almost 350 different associations all over the state of Maharashtra have joined together under the Auto rickshaw Chalak Malak Sanghatna Sanyukta Kruti Samiti Maharashtra and have called for a state-wide strike.

The General Secretary of the Kruti Samiti, who is also the union leader of the main rickshaw association, Shashank Rao, has put forward their demands in front of the government in order to increase or raise the fares based on the recommendations of the Hakim Committee, as against the Khatua Committee, The Times of India reported.

Earlier, the union leaders had also issued a warning on June 9 as well as also served a notice to the state government a few weeks back, where they mentioned about the threat to go on strike.

The demand list from the associations also comprises of ban on services of Ola and Uber, increment in fares as well as police crackdown on illegal autos on road. The unions have also demanded that the aggregator cabs should be permitted only if they fall under government regulation.