Mumbai Chopper Crash Live: 4 Bodies recovered, Being Airlifted & Rescue Operation is on!

Mumbai Chopper Crash Live: 4 Bodies recovered, Being Airlifted & Rescue Operation is on!: – As you all may know that earlier a report came out that a Pawan Hans helicopter crashed off the Mumbai coast with seven people on board. Now, reports are coming that out of 7, 5 are dead and their dead bodies are recovered so far. Sources reports are claiming that the helicopter lost contact with the air traffic control today shortly after take-off from Juhu Aerodrome at 10:20 AM this morning. After that, the investigation started and soon they found out that the chopper was crashed.

Sources are saying that the chopper, Dauphin N3 with registration number VT PWA, last contacted the Air Traffic Control at 10:35 AM when it was about 30 nautical miles off the Mumbai coast. Reports are saying that The Indian Coastguard has launched a search operation for the helicopter. Five speedboats, a merchant vessel and a chopper from ONGC have been deployed to conduct search operations.

The Spokesperson of the Indian Navy said in a tweet that the Fast Attack Craft INS Tarasa has joined search and rescue operations. A Boeing P8i from the naval air station INS Rajali at Arrakonam, Tamil Nadu and Speaking 42C from Naval Air station INS Shikra Colaba had also joined in the search operations.

Well, reports are coming that the search operation is going on and soon they are going to find out the reason and whole theory about this crucial accident. We aren’t expecting that any good news is coming out because already 5 people have died in this very bad accident. Also, the reports are not looking that good till now because the accident is very hardly happened and search operation is still in the move.