Oops! Mumbai, India Records Its First Road Accident Driven Pokemon Go Crash

Oops! Mumbai, India Records Its First Road Accident Driven Pokemon Go Crash :- OOPs! The world trending famous game ‘Pokemon Go’ got too risky for everywhere on the road, Now in India, recorded its first accident generated by Pokemon Go and where a 26-year-old man’s vehicle was punched by an incoming auto rickshaw in a Mumbai city.

Mumbai records India’s first road accident driven by Pokemon Go

According to the source report’s, Where in the Mumbai a car dealer, was on his route back home in the Carter Road from Bandstand when the accident happened.

After this accident, Now plan to build awareness among the peoples and inform the people to stop playing the Pokemon Go game during driving.

Reporting the whole incident, wherein the incident happened on Monday at approximately 5.30 pm, when he and his brother were held at a traffic signal. Where he noticed his brother Adil engaged in the Pokemon Go game.

He could not hold the support to learn the game. Although his brother was teaching him the commands of the Pokemon game, A racing auto crashed into their vehicle and left. the damages would get him around Rs  15,000 to 20,000 and he is frustrated as this was his first attempt at taking the virtual pocket monsters.

While this incident was a lesser one, there has been life threatening accidents and damages across containing US and Japan and lessons have come in from specialists and law requirements to stop performing the game carelessly. it may have unfavorable results.

Also from the reports, The Mumbai Police office had tweeted on the twitter handle, about the difficulties of playing the game on drives. Although accidents are simply a minor point, there are different major difficulties the game has found.

But people from all over India have discovered a technique to play this game even though it has not been delivered here yet.

The game has compiled a big supporter base all around the globe in less than a month and leaving behind leading social media networks websites.