Mumbai: Who Has Paid The (IT) Returns Tax Of #KKK Kareena Kapoor Khan

Mumbai: Who Has Paid The (IT) Returns Tax Of #KKK Kareena Kapoor Khan :- Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has filed a complaint in the cyber cell of Mumbai police because the online account used for filing her income tax (IT) returns has been hacked. As per the sources in the cyber cell said that the complaint was filed on Friday and revealed that the hacker had even paid  the quarterly IT tax amount of Kapoor.

As per the source in the cyber police station that Chartered Accountant of Kapoor approached us alleging that the account of his client used for filing her income returns was hacked. He said that he realised the same after he failed to access the account.


The sources said that the hacker might have gained knowledge of the PAN number of the actress and used the same to hack into her account, which can be accessed through the website of the IT department. The hacker has also changed the password of her e-filing account.

Cyber police said that hacking into a person’s income tax returns account is a serious crime. The hacker can now access her PAN number, the amount of tax paid over the years and also file a statement regarding her income and falsely inflate it, forcing her to pay more taxes. The cyber police added that they had secured the account immediately and were on the lookout for the culprit. The cyber cell has registered an FIR and started its investigations.