Munich Firing: 9 people including children were killed by a black dressed 18 years old boy

Germany: An alone gunman opened fire  at a busy mall in Munich, Germany on Friday evening. He killed 9 men including children in cold blood and then committed suicide. German Police said that the attacker was a 18 years old German-Iranian citizen.

Munich Firing

This attack is the third attack on civilians in Europe in barely a week. The elite police launched a massive operation to track down what had initially been thought to be up to three assailants.

Police said that we found a man who killed himself. The police assume that he was the only shooter.

9 people including children were killed in the shooting which stated early in the Friday evening. 21 people injured in the open fire.

According to the reports that the body of man found one kilometer away from the mall where the shooting took place.

In Bavarian capital a police spokesman said that we suspect terrorism but there were no indication of an Islamist link.

A video posted on social media appeared to show a man dressed in black walking away from a McDonald’s restaurant while firing repeatedly on people as they fled screaming.