Munna Bhai Comeback In The Bollywood But No Actress Want’s Work With Sanja Dutt

Munna Bhai Comeback In The Bollywood But No Actress Want’s Work With Sanja Dutt :- Here’s the blockbuster man are back in the Bollywood to shut the mouth who says now he will never back in Bollywood industry. But this man takes an action and refresh own life and back with the bang.

Sanjay Dutt’s comeback in the bollywood

He’s non-other than Munna Bhai “Sanjay Dutt”. After leaving the jail than he decided to back in the Bollywood with the action and now at the time he’s started a project by the Siddharth Raj Anand.

Sanjay Dutt Come Back In Bollywood

According to the report source, The Siddharth Raj Anand are started a project with the greatest Munna Bhai “Sanjay Dutt” and where the Siddharth Anand are yet not decided the title of the movie and this project are work in august but now its postponed because of some issues with his co-actress, and she is not confirmed by the producer.

The movie’s work started from the abroad and right from the reports there will face the problem with the co-actress when the project are started then offered the lead load actress for the Athiya Shetty . but she’s not agreed with and producer is the move to the Dilwale action comedian actress Kirti scan, but after it, shes also not confirmed that movie and also the problem with the dates .

The project is directed by the Shelly Chopra, who’s the sister of the famous directed and screenwriter Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Also, the project properly started in October 2016.

But now the producer in the dilemma , because if he does not confirm the co-actress than according to the contract with the Siddharth Raj Anand to make sure to confirmed with this film to complete this project or break it.

so its a good news for the Sanju baba fan’s to see it again in the Bollywood and his new stardom look.