Murder Case: Brutal Attack Left Minor Girl’s Intestines ‘Hanging Out’, Finds Autopsy

The brutal case that has shaken the Delhites and the whole nation has left the people in great pain. Now more revelations about the Sakshi Murder Case are frightening. The post-mortem reports of the poor girl are quite scary and show the mentality of the demon Sahil. This recent murder case has shaken the conscience of the people. The recent reports tell that the poor girl was stabbed to a level where her internal organs came out of the body. The brutality of the accused has been seen by everyone in the viral videos. The embarrassing incident has occupied the minds of the people. Now the reports of the post-mortem are again reviving that arrogance and pain. Go through the whole article to know about the autopsy reports of the victim Sakshi.

Delhi Stabbing Case

Delhites were scared when on the 28th of May, TV screens and all the social media platforms showed the frightening story of a murder of a 16 years old girl. The video that showed the girl stabbed by a youngster about 16 times shocked people. Now the autopsy reports are telling again that brutal story and its severity. Autopsy reports tell that the attacks were so brutal that the victim’s internal organs including her intestine came out of the stomach and hung outside.

Brutal Attack Left Minor Girl’s Intestines

The report further tells that maximum stab wounds were observed from the shoulder to the hip region. As the accused attacked her head with a stone after stabbing her with a knife, the skull cracked. Autopsy reports are revealing some bones in the head region had cracks and injuries. She was stabbed 16 times as per the reports. Many bones of her body were found broken. Demon Sahil continued to stab her even when she slumped to the ground. It was revealed that the killer planned the murder a few days ago. After killing the girl, the accused kicked her as the video shows.

The knife and shoes that police have recovered from the crime spot have been sent to the forensic lab. The embarrassing incident also showed the bystander’s effect, as the people were there and no one dared to intervene. Although the accused is on police remand and will be punished with death or imprisonment for life under section 302 for attempting murder. But the poor young girl with future dreams in her eyes has left the world in such a brutal manner. The family of the girl is completely devastated and the whole nation is mourning her death. Stay tuned.

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