Murree Pakistan Snow Death Video, 22 Killed After Car Stuck In Snow Watch

A sad piece of news is coming right from the town of Murree of Rawalpindi district, Punjab, Pakistan where a hilltop broke and resulted in winter snowfall. The reports have disclosed that a huge number of vehicles have been stuck in this natural calamity. This news has sought the attention of the media not only in Pakistan but also in many countries.

Murree Pakistan Snow Death

The military of Pakistan has been deployed to clear the road. This tragedy has victimized more than 1000 people. The video of this scene has been made viral on social media. The viral video has startled all the viewers. In the video, people can see cars roofs covered with a one-meter high thick layer of snow. This tragedy has caused long pathed traffic along in Murree Town of Rawalpindi in Pakistan.

Murree Pakistan Snow Death Video

As per the sources given by the local emergency rescue services 1122, there have been s many as 100 vehicles that have stuck due to this snowfall. More than 300 people have been rescued from the site. The exact number of victims is still not clear. The rescue operation continues to take place since the day of this tragedy, that is, Saturday, 8th January 2022.

As of now, 21 people have been discovered to be dead including 10 children. In the list of all the dead people, there was a policeman who lost his life along with his wife and six children. Apart from the family of the policeman, there has been another family of five members identified in the list of deceased in this drastic disaster. This natural phenomenon has taken place in Murree Town that is just 70 kilometres away from the capital Islamabad of Pakistan. Therefore; it has become a serious concern for the Union Government of Pakistan.

Sheikh Rashid, The Interior Minister of Pakistan, has stated that the pile of snow will be cleared from the road so that people may avail this place sooner. He also mentioned that there had come more than 100,000 cars in the past few days. A tragic place is a tourist place in Pakistan. As a result, it becomes more important for the Pakistan government to clear the fallen show from the area so that they may give a fruitful impression on the minds of all the tourists. May God give a place to all the souls of all the people to rest in peace who all have lost their lives in this disaster.

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