Muslim Boxer 17 Years Old From Australia Wins Right To Wearing Hijab In The Ring

Muslim Boxer 17 Years Old From Australia Wins Right To Wearing Hijab In The Ring :- An 17 years old Muslim boxer has won her fight to wear a hijab in the ring. As per the report in the Daily Mail that Boxer Raianne Alameddine was banned from fighting last year because her hijab was unsafe and the leggings that covered her knees were deemed to be a hazard.

The 17-year-old was devastated after the decision because she had trained for months to fight.


Alameddine was quoted that I signed up to my first boxing match almost a year ago and prepared for four months prior to my fight. But, two weeks before we got a letter saying we were not allowed to fight, if we were to wear skins that covered our knees or if we wanted to wear our hijab under our head gear.

But, She continued training and was given the green signal to fight last week. Last Saturday she became the first amateur boxer in NSW to fight wearing a head scarf.

No winner was declared because the fight was an exhibition match. The 600 people watched the fight.

After the bout, Boxer Alameddine called it a massive relief and thrill.


Taking a dig at those who had banned her, She said that I came out safe and there were no hazards with me fighting with my scarf on, proves it should be allowed all around the world.

Raianne learned to box at Final Round Gym, Sydney after falling in love with the sport because she watched the UFC fights on TV and then trained under Hassan El-Achrafi.

Currently, the boxer Raianne works as a part-time trainer at Final Round Gym. She said that her family were hugely encouraging of her choice to fight.

Her trainer – Hasan El-Achrafi described Raianne as a disciplined and dedicated fighter and teacher.