Shankchurn Kill Arjun! Naagarjun 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Shankchurn Kill Arjun! Naagarjun 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Shanchurn follows the footstep of Rakshash in the jungle. He says Arjun forgets that even I am a Nag and can easily smell him out. He asked the police to keep following the footsteps. Raksash comes out, and Sanchurn turned into Nag.


Vasuki informs Yashodan Tina and Maheshwar that Rakshah is Arjun. Yashodha says how this could be possible that my Arjun killed so many innocent people? Vasuki says this is not Arjun’s fault as Takshas has captured Arjun’s soul. Vasuki says he will find Arjun’s should and will help him.

Rakshas walks on the road. Norrie says how Rakshas will be controlled. A man was coming on the road with her pregnant wife. Rakshas came there and tried to kill them. But, Yoshoda came there and saved those couple.

Yoshoda showed Raakshas his clothes and asked him to remember his reality and childhood as he is his son Arjun. A reporter was capturing all this in his camera. Rakshas became silent, and Maheshwar asked him not to go anywhere. Tina sys plan is working, and Rakshas still has humanity in him.

Takshas says Arjun can not fell, love, as he is now his Rakshas. Urmi says he still has humanity with him. Takshas says Arjun cannot have humanity, and he orders Arjun to kill his dear ones and loves.

Arjun/Rakshas roars and attacks Yashoda and Maheswar but Vasuki came there and tied Arjun. Then, Arjun walks away, and Shankchurn came there and asked Vasuki that he should have killed him before Arjun will kill other innocent people.

Vasuki return to his cave for meditation and Takshas says no one stops Arjun as he will destroy everything.


In the upcoming episode, Shankchurn will tell Nagmaya and Mohini that he wants Arjun’s soul to defeat Takshas and then, he will kill Arjun and take Nagmani to become Nagarjuna.