Naagarjuna Ek Yoddha 24th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Astika Sees Dracula

Naagarjuna Ek Yoddha 24th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Astika Sees Dracula :- The TV Nagarjuna – Ek Yoddha is yet to showcase that Maskini is all set to kill Arjun? Maskini attacks Mohini and Shankhachurna to take revenge on Astika. However, she frees them after learning about Arjun’s secret. Later, a catastrophe hits Amrauli.


The last week episode of the TV series Nagarjuna – Ek Yoddha begins with Arjun mother is initially scared to see Arjun but Arjun asked his mother that he arrives slowly as he doesn’t want to disturbs her. Arjun’s mother asked Arjun that his sister is sleeping and Noori also come here.

Arjun asked his mother that where is she now and his mother says that she is left. Arjun asked his mother how he can let her go now on this time but his mother said that I tried to stop her but she did not hear me.

But anyway in the middle of road Arjun sees Noori and asked to her that he will be dropping her. Noori asked Arjun that may be he is powerful but what he will be the use of this power when he is not even happy.

Maskini decided to kill Arjun as Arjun is having Naag Maani but other Naag and Naagins asked to her that Arjun now becomes too powerful after having the Naag Maani and he turns to be the Nagarjuna.

Maskini asked to the Naag and Naagins that they should not praise Arjun unless she will finish them so they just seek an apology from Maskini. Arjun is having some kind of weird feelings and he also realized along with Noori that Maskini is spread atrocities’ here in the village and among the villagers to seek revenge from the Arjun.

Maskini also sends a bat in the village who is all set to finish the village and in that time the villagers asked Arjun to help them and to save the village.

Precap: Astika sees Dracula attacking earth and says Urmi that this is Maskini’s world’s animal. He cannot go on earth, so he will give his power to Urmi and send her.