Naagin Season 2 15th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Mahishmatis come back

Naagin Season 2 15th October 2016 EpisodeWritten Updates! Mahishmatis come back :- The supernatural TV series Nagin Season 2 showcases that are in an attempt to get Shivangi married before her 25th birthday, Shivanya gets her daughter to meet Aditya in a club. Coincidentally, Rocky happens to be there with Ruchika. Rocky makes it clear to Yamini that he is not in favor of getting engaged to Ruchika. On the other hand, Shivangi gives in to her mother’s request and agrees to marry Aditya.


The last week episode of the TV series Naagin Season 2 begins with both Shivangi and Rocky trapped in the storm of ice but both of them has been saved to see that Shivangi is down with fever. Shivanaya looks worried for her and she keen to get her married as soon as possible unless she will be turn as Naagin.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2016 Episode

Shivanaya doesn’t want to get married now but she says yes to the wedding for the sake of the happiness of her mother Shivanaya. Now Rocky on the other hand falls in love with Shivangi and Shivangi also having same feelings for the Rocky.

Now Yamini get Rocky engaged to Ruchika aka Shesha but Rocky doesn’t want to marry her instead he confess the love he is having for Shivangi to his mother Yamini. Shesha aka Ruchika also shows her Naagin Avatar when a guy tries to eve tease with her. Shivangi’s cousin sees this and when he shares it with his family Shivanaya go tensed and became panic.

Nobody in the family believes it anyway and makes laugh of the concept called Ichchadhaari Naagin but Shivanaya looks worried. In the mean time, Ruchika aka Shesha go angry to know that Rocky is in love with someone and he doesn’t want to marry her, Ruchika thinks to ruin Rocky’s love now as she is keen to marry him.

On the other hand, Shivangi’w wedding has been fixed and she decided to marry the guy as her mom Shivanaya will be happy with it as she doesn’t want to make her mom upset.

Precap: Shivanya asked Gur Jee if the Mahishmatis have come back. Sesha said that she is keen to know who is ruining her love again this time. Shivangi is seen running in the jungle.