Naagin Season 2 16th October 2016 Written Updates! Sharp Shooter Shoots Shivangi

Naagin Season 2 16th October 2016 Written Updates! Sharp Shooter Shoots Shivangi :- The last night episode of the TV series Naagin Season 2 begins with Ruchika asked Badi Maa that she will kill Shivangi but if police will find her then. She further said that even Rocky will not marry her till the issue of the Shivangi’s murder will not solves.


Badi maa asked Ruchika aka Shesha that why she always loves the person of the Raheja family and Ruchika asked to her that as she wants to be with Yamini aka Badi Maa. Ruchika also asked Yamini that if she wills not getting him married with Rocky then she won’t give her Naag Mani.

Shivangi and her friends read about the “Ichhadhaari Nagin” on the internet and they shocked to know that a Naagin can be alive for 100 years.

Rocky proposes to Shivangi but Shivangi asked to him that she can’t love him as she can’t hurt the feelings of her fiancée whom her mother Shivanya chooses for her. She also asked Rocky to go from here by pushing him away.

Shivananya asked to herself in the Shiva temple that she won’t let turn Shivangi a Naagin as she asked the Guru Ji that she want Shivangi to be happy in her life ever and she will be making her married before she would turn 25.
Shesha gets to that Shivanaya and Rithvik has been died somehow by someone and feels happy as now she is the sole holder of the Naag Mani now. Till now she is not aware of it that Shivanaya is alive with her look-alike daughter Shivangi somewhere in the country.

But still, Shesha is skeptical of something as by performing Tandav in the Shiva temple she gets to know something fishy about Shivanaya and in order to know that she killed many Naag Naagins but still they refused to say anything about Shivananya to her.

Shivangi’s friends asked to her that Rocky really loves her a lot and he is actually fighting under the ring with Adi because of her, moreover, the friends asked to Shivangi that actually Rocky break his engagement with Ruchika as he loves her.

Badi Maa asked Ruchika she will kill the girl whom Rocky loves as Rocky accepts to Badi Maa that he loves a girl so he can’t marry Ruchika but Ruchika asked Badi Maa that no she will kill the girl.

Shivanya gets to know somehow that Shivangi is in love with Rocky and she asked to Shivangi that it is how beautiful to be in love and speak about the love she was having for Rithvik. She asked to Shivangi that if she loves Rocky then she will be surely getting her married with Rocky.