Naagin Season 2 22nd October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Sesha breaks mahishamati

Naagin Season 2 22nd October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Sesha breaks mahishamati :- In the last episode of the TV series Nagin Season 2, we had seen that Rocky asked Yamini that he can’t marry that girl Ruchika as he is in love with Shivangi. Yamini is shocked and she sees there is Ruchika aka Shesha and Yamini asked to her that we have to kill the girl whom Rocky is in love but Ruchika asked Yamini that before that we first have to kill Shivanaya. Yamini tries to make her understand but Ruchika announced that right now we need to focus on killing Shivanaya first.


Now Rocky proposes Shivangi but Shivangi asked to him that she can love him as she never hurt her mother Shivanaya and she is now all set to marry a boy on her mother’s choice. Rocky is sad and upset to hear the announcement of Shivangi.

Shivangi’s friends and cousin asked to her that she should marry the person whom she loves not that person whom she doesn’t love but Shivangi asked to them that she should go with her parents anyway.

Shivanya is with Guruji and Guruji says that Shivangi’s destiny will take her where she has to go. She asks Shivanya to pray for Shivangi now. Then Ruchika comes to the temple and fights with the Naag and Naagins as they refused to reveal whereabouts of Shivanaya. Shesha aka Ruchika fight with them and ultimately kill them.

Rocky and Adi fight with each other and Rocky again proposes Shivangi but due to Shivangi rejects his proposal Rocky just paly badly with Adi and ultimately defeats him. He talks to Shivangi and they both hug each other. Then Shivanya comes there and Shivangi confesses that she love that boy. Shivanya says that she will fulfill her love and dream as being in love is a beautiful feeling.

Now Shivanaya and Shivangi is in the temple, Yamini asked a man to shoot Shivangi. Shivangi gives Aarti to Yamini and Yamini gets shocked to see her. Shivanya was unable to see Yamini but when she sees Yamini shocked to see her.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that the shooter shoot at Shivangi but Rocky will be taking her to the hospital.

They then get shocked when Doctor says that he is unable to save Shivangi. On the other hand, Yamini stabbed Shivanaya in the temple.