Naagin TV Show 7th November 2015 Episode Written Updates

Naagin TV Show 7th November 2015 Episode Written Updates : The new horror thriller TV serial “Naagin” started with bang last night. The show is airing on the popular entertainment channel on the Colors TV. The show is promoted very well since it announced. Followed by the release of its promo video. So, obviously when the show has been started it is well received by the audiences’.

Naagin TV Show 7th November 2015 Episode Written Updates

Naagin TV Show 7th November 2015 Episode

“Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hain” fame Arjun Bijlanee and “Amrit-Manthan” star Ada Khan performed very well in the show. Mouni Roy also gives best performances.

The story of the serial is followed by curse of a person played by (Arjun Bijlanee) who is suffering from a snake who is an “Ichchadhaari Naagin” played by Ada Khan. She can take any human form and she is very angry soul who decides to take revenge from the male protagonist.

It is actually, 20 years back it is the male protagonist’s (Arjun Bijlalanee) father killed the spouse of the “IChchaadhaari Naagin” (Ada Khan) so she decides to kill him.

Although he is actually protecting by the female protagonist played by Mauni Roy, who falls in love with Arjun. Reportadely, the show is receiving bulk viewers and TRPS. A niche fan base the TV series is receiving as well the attention of the mass.

Tonight episode it will be shown that the “Ichchadhaari Nagin” (Ada Khan) will be coming in the main protagonist’s house and she will be taking a simple beautiful lady’s form. She will be preparing drink for Arjun’s dad and she will be literally throwing poison on it. Let see whether Arjun’s dad will be saved or not.

Somehow Arjun’s mom already can guess the danger which is coming towards her husband and son but her modern thinker husband does not believe anything. He thinks this “Ichchadhaari Naagin” concept and all that is just myth.

The entertainment channel Colors TV took its official page of the micro blogging site to write about the show “Naagin” and the channel tweeted, “#Naagin Are you all set to witness the story of love & revenge? @adaa1nonly @Roymouni” – Colors TV (@colorstv)