Naamkaran 14th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Ashish gets silent

Naamkaran 14th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Ashish gets silent :- The last night episode of the TV series Naamkaran begins with Avni has a question for Asha as Avni overhears Ashok calling her an illegitimate child. She asks Asha what it means! Can Asha explain things to her and Avni leaves the house with teary eyes?


The last night episode of the TV series Naamkaran further shows that Ashok called Avni Najayaz (illegitimate) which makes Avni sceptical of it that what is the meaning of the word Najayaz and she asked it to Asha which makes Asha panic. Asha asked to Avni who call you Najayaz and Avni asked to her whoever told her but she need to meaning of the word.

Asha did not replied anything and Avni leave the house as she is keen to know the meaning of the word. On the other hand Neela is going somewhere and she sees Avni is crossing the road with teary eyes, Neela just go emotional to see her and thinks what this little girl is having the problem.

Neela shares this with Ashish and Baba that she sees a little girl who was crossing road with teary eyes, she asked to her Baba that seems like her eyes were keen to express many words and she was having pain in her eyes.
Neela just go emotional for Avni and she wishes to speak with her. Ashok’s wife sees apology from Asha as because of the Ashok’s words tonight Avni is missing.

She asked Asha to call Ashish to let him know that Avni is missing but Asha reluctantly tries to messages him but Ashok’s wife asked her to call him. Asha called Ashish but Ashish’s phone is coming engaged.

Avni asked to her friend who sees her that she is now alone here as she is a Najayaz and Avni just crying to see that her friend just hugs her as her friend asked that his hug will be making Avni free from her emotional burst. Avni smiles on seeing her friend.

Precap: Avni and Ali come to some party. Ashish stop a guard on rasing hand on Avni. The media asks Ashish what is the relationship he is having with this little girl Avni and why he is saving her. Ashish just looks confused.