Ashish leave house! Naamkaran 17th October 2016 Written Updates Episode

Ashish leave house! Naamkaran 17th October 2016 Written Updates Episode :- Star Plus’ latest offering, the TV serial Naamkaran right now focusing on the crucial track, wherein Avni is seen to be suffering from Duck Syndrome. Avni’s principal informs Asha about Avni showcasing symptoms of Duck Syndrome, wherein she appears calm but, she is tensed for something which is actually breaking her concentration.


Avni is now keeping thinking what is the word ‘Najayaz’ (illegitimate child) means, and why Ashok called her in this word. Asha also notices that Avni is writing the word ‘Najayaz’ in her copy and Avni even asks her the meaning of the word! Asha refuses to tell, by making her understand that she is too young to know that.

Upon hearing this, Avni runs away from the house and locks the door from outside. She decides not to go home until she gets to know the meaning of the word. Avni, along with her friend Ali is now going to a party where there is Ashish present.

Avni spots Ashish there. She smiles on seeing him, but he pretends as though he does not know her! Avni is deeply hurt to see Ashish’s gesture and Avni now asked Fatima that what the meaning of the word ‘Najayaz’ is.

Asha and Ashish are busy searching Avni to find her in Fatima’s house where Avni declares that Ashish is not her dad which actually hurts Ashish a lot. Ashish is now unable to bear the hatred his daughter is having on her heart for him. Now Ashish decided to have Asha and Avni in his life back as he realized that he can’t live without them.

Precap: Ashish asked to Dayawanti that she will be live with Avni and Asha from now onward as he can’t abandon his wife and daughter anyhow from his life for the sake of not even his mother.

Dayawanti looks angry with the Ashish decision and she takes the vow to have Ashish again in his life.