Naamkaran 18th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Asha & Avni Cry

Naamkaran 18th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Asha & Avni Cry :- The TV series Naamkaran is yet to show that Dayawanti Takes an Extreme Step! Avni asks Asha why the latter hides her while reading Namaz. Meanwhile, Ashish tries to convince Dayawanti to accept Asha and Avni. Instead, Dayawanti burns all of Asha and Avni’s photographs!


The TV series Naamkaran further shows that Ashish is looking completely shattered and he is sleeping outside of his house. He is although unable to leave Asha and Avni from his life.

Avni sees Asha to read Namaz and she asked her to read the Namaz in front of her she also explain to her mom that sometimes for god it is not possible to fulfil every demand of their devotes as he is also having some difficulties. Ashish asked to Dayawanti that he is living with the memory of Asha and Avni here in the house for the long time.

And he just shcws the picture he is having of Asha and Avni which annoyed Dayawanti and she burn the picture in the Havan which was going on in the Puja of the house. Everybody is shocked to see so and Ashish asked to his mother Dayawanti how she can do this it is his family and Ashish pledge to Dayawanti to accept Asha and Avni as the family.

He also asked to his mother that our house should be so big that will be welcome people of the all communities or religion but Dayawanti asked to him that she can’t accept a Muslim girl as her own Bahu and she also call Asha a mistress of Ashish which shattered Ashish. Ashish also decided to live the hosue and to abandon Dayawanti as he decided that he can’t live without Asha and Avni anymore now.

Dayawanti looked shocked but she let him go from her house as she even did not try to stop him. Ashish leaved the house with broken heart and tear eyes.

Precap: Ashish asked to Avni that truth is she is not illegitimate, children are never illegitimate, parents are illegitimate, I did wrong with you, forgive me. Asha and Avni cry…