Avni slaps Nannu! Naamkaran 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Avni slaps Nannu! Naamkaran 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- Show starts with Ashish recalling Hasmukh’s word. Dayaben teaches cooking to Neela and clicks pictures. Hemant watches the picture and smiles. Asha liked the dish and informed Tai that she would take the dish for Avni.


Tai asked Ashes is this box belongs to you? Asha says yes and I had looked for it so many times. Tai asked Asha to write a name on it, but Asha says by writing a name, will this thing became mine.

Asha says society need a name to identify the relation and Namkaran gives the right to name our children, utensils, and other things. Tai asked Asha to claim her name, Mrs. Asha Mehta.

On the other side, Dayaben asked Neela to claim her right to Ashish, his room, and his house. Neela’s dupatta struck in collage and Dayaben frees it, and they saw there was no picture of Avni and Asha there.

A lady was fighting with her husband for having an affair with another woman. His husband told her that he did not marry her through mangal sutra. Ashish listens to all this, and when that man was about to slap her wife, Ashish came there and slapped that man simultaneously and put him behind lockups.

Avi dumps Ali pic and refuses to taste the dal makhani offered by Asha. She heard harmonium sound and went to Nannu who was playing harmonium, and she dances. Asha hugs her mother.

Naanu shows Asha, a picture of Ashish and says you people keep doing drama. Naanus says he will never marry you. Asha says he will marry me soon after he talks with her mother. Nannu blesses her.

Avni and Ali exchanges gift. Avni asked Ali not to say bad about her father. Ali apologized to her and promised to not says a wrong about her dad. Tia came there and called Avni loser.

Avni says I will make you loose in final. They both challenge each other. In the next scene, Avni wakes and looks for Asha. Asha was doing Nawaz. Avni asked her what she used to do by closing the door?

Asha says when the time will tell then I will tell you. Malhotra gets Ashish bail out and makes his realize he does wrong, and when her mother comes to know about this, she will get her. Ashish thank Malhotra and goes. Malhotra calls police.

Devyaben asked Ashish why he did not answer her call? Ashish says he was busy. Devyabean tells me you are alone, and she asked him when he is coming back?Ashish says 8th July. Devyaben says it high; I will fix your engagement with Neela. Ashish says what is so hurry? Ashish disconnects the call and throws his coat angrily. Malhotra takes him out of the bail.


Nannu tell Avni that he Dad won’t come. Avni slaps Nannu. Nannu calls Ashish and scolds him.