Asha gets shocked! Naamkaran 20th October 2016 Episode Written Updates

Asha gets shocked! Naamkaran 20th October 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Star Plus most wonderful exciting show, Naamkaran looks like a pleasant entertaining program, which gives the huge voltage potential that changes to the Naamkaran fans.


Naamkaran 20th October 2016 Written Update

The great TV series Naamkaran steadily made to give goose bumps to the viewers with its never dying dilemma way and surprisingly, the primary crux of the show is to showcase in the new episodes that, Asha converses with Ashish accessible if the need arises and chuckles. Dayaben goes to meet Asha. Asha gets stunned and shaken up. Ashish says Ashudi, Asha closes his call.

Where In the latest incident, Ali avoids Shazia. She sees him and beats. He requests that her tune in. She asks what will you do. Ashok requests that Shazia controls Ali, else he will get ruined. He goes.

Shazia beats him more. Sumi requests that she stop it now. Ali requests that Shazia listens to Sumi. Avni says I requested that Ali stops, as my Papa has come. Kia’s father says Avni’s Papa.

Avni reports displaying my good looking Papa, renowned film chief, Mr. Ashish Mehta. Ali tells he is Mr. India, we can’t view him. Avni says I will call him. Ashish approaches Asha for a decent morning kiss. Avni tells Papa, I m getting late for school.

Ashish says she won’t give me a chance to sentiment, I will drop her and come. Ashish and Asha turn out. Avni grins. Everybody get shocked seeing Ashish.

Kia’s father says he is Ashish Mehta, film chief, he is Avni’s father. Avni embraces Ashish and requests that he meets everybody. Ashish welcomes everybody.

Ali checks are Ashish truly there and shake hands with Ashish. Ashish welcomes Shazia. Shazia says I m Ali’s mom. He says I know, Avni informs me, I heard a considerable measure concerning Sumi Tai.

He expresses gratitude toward her for dealing with Asha and Avni. Sumi says the day is great, Ganpati is coming tomorrow. Avni says yes, Papa is additionally coming.

Ali says I will go along. Avni requests that he comes, they need to leave for school. Ashish requests that they set in auto. Asha waves bye and cries joyfully. Ashish grins and takes off.

Avni and Ali achieve school. Ali asks is it an occasion, there is nobody. Avni says we achieved late. Ashish embraces Avni. She says I adore you, I will make you meet everybody later.

He welcomes plant specialist and requests that they go. He becomes Dayaben’s request. She questions how are you. He says fine, how are you. Avni returns and embraces him. He asks what happened. Avni asks will you abandon me and go to your mummy.

He says no, I will remain with you. She requests that will you come pick me. He says yes. She says I cherish you, you are the best Papa. Dayaben hears them and gets furious. Ashish says I cherish you as well. Dayaben tosses telephone.

Ashish says sorry Maa, I was conversing with Avni. He gets back to and she doesn’t reply. Dayaben cries reviewing his words. He says how to clarify you Maa. She says you won’t comprehend what a mom’s heart experiences, it blazes the heart, I won’t give Asha a chance to win.