Naamkaran 24th October 2016 Written Updates Avni To Organize Ashish & Asha Marriage

Naamkaran 24th October 2016 Written Updates Avni To Organize Ashish & Asha Marriage :- The upcoming spoiler of the TV series Naamkaran to showcases that Avni to organize Ashish and Asha’s wedding; but Dayavanti will be seen attempts suicide to stop the wedding!


Star Plus’ latest offering, Naamkaran is currently showcasing a pivotal track, wherein Ashish has chosen Asha (Barkha Bisht) and his daughter, Avni over his mother Dayavanti but Dayavanti, on the other hand, announced that she will not accept Asha and Avni anyhow. Ashish apologizes to Avni and she now became close with her dad.

Now Ashish is living with Avni and Asha and Ashish is all set to tie the knot with Asha and Avni is busy organizing the wedding. Dayavanti, on the other hand, vows to get her son back. She even blackmails Asha and accuses her of stealing her son which makes Asha emotional.

In the upcoming episodes, Avni would ask Ashish to marry Asha again. On the other hand, Neela and Ashish’s marriage date is fixed too which Dayavanti set anyway.

Avni would happily announce that she will be taking care of the Ashish and Asha’s wedding and they just became too happy to see Avni is happy. Asha’s Haldi ceremony would take place and it is Avni who will be applying Haldi on her mother Asha. Ashish will be too joining Avni and Asha in the Haldi ceremony.
As per the new promo of the show, Avni would include Dayavanti’s name on the guest list and she will invite her Dadi for the wedding of her mom and dad.
Upon receiving the card, Dayavanti will be just fumes on anger. She will set her room ablaze and refuses to step outside. Ashish would get to know about this and will rush to save her. Dayavanti will give him two choices either to marry Neela or she is giving no choice to him. Ashish is shocked to know Dayavanti’s condition.

Dayavanti will give him two choices, either to go away or marry Neela. Left with no choice, he will agree to marry Neela. Dayavanti’s plan succeeds in bringing her son back.

Neela calls Ashish. But, Avni picks up the call and Neela asked Avni that she is Ashish fiancé, Avni said this is not possible as Ashish loves Asha a lot and she considers this is a wrong number must be. Asha is pregnant with her second child and Avni wants a sister.

Ashish and Asha now move to the temple where Asha prayed that she will be together with Ashish. Dayavanti arrives in the Avni’s house and somehow both Dayavanti and Avni lash out at each other. Avni and Ali give water to Dayavanti but Dayavanti throws the water.

Avni asks Dayavanti to learn manners. She tells her, that she is Ashish’s mother and asks Avni to call Ashish but Avni said he is not in the home right now. She also asked Dayavanti to leave ASAP unless she will be calling police and Avni also address Dayavanti as ‘Chudail’ and Dayavanti leaves angrily.