Dayaben Worries By Ashish Mail! Naamkaran 26th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Dayaben Worries By Ashish Mail! Naamkaran 26th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show stop with Ashish considering Asha. Asha stirs and goes out. Dhal Gaya Chand… … plays… … .. Asha and Ashish consider each other. Neela manages her dad. She sees Ashish’s pic and thinks of him as. Asha grasped Ashish’s pic.Next morning, Ashish received a call from Neela and asked her is Kaka fine? They both talk.


Ashish advised Neela that you want me to cheat you. She says its fine; I will relate a story to the storyteller, a nostalgic story of you and me. He asks you and me. She says in spite of all that I see you when I go to that haven; I will tell you a top secret; I have been keeping Kar Wach auth snappy since I was 12 years old, don’t goad me about it. He gets staggered.

She reminded Asshis of their first date and he asked when did we go on the date?.She says new years eve, the father was not discharging me, you regulated it. FB shows Ashish and Hemant singing. Hemant asks for that they go, yet return soon. Neela leaves with him. FB closes. He says you are unshakable since youth. She says I expected to alter your debilitating life, I can never forget that day, those minutes, I cherished you, however from that day, I started revering you. He gets dazed.

FB shows Neela hurling keys to Ashish and asking for that he drive. He says so madam just needs a driver. She says. Clearly, you thought I would take you along. He calls her upset. She asks for that he close eyes. He asks on why. She asks concerning why such countless, close your eyes. He closes his eyes and says it better be fascinating if I open my eyes. She hurls the shawl and reveals her in vogue look. She smiles and asks what do I resemble, wonderful. He says quite, not nice, what did you wear, this is not you Neela. She asks what do you mean. He asks for that her, please go and change.

She asks in the matter of why, I don’t wear such articles of clothing standard, people look hot wearing such pieces of clothing. He chuckles seeing her. She gets perturbed on him. She hits the moving floor with her colleagues. He sees Neela gone and focuses. He goes to see her. She escapes and signs him. She holds her dress’ back solid.

He asks what happened, did anyone say anything. She says no, my dress. He asks what. She says my dress… . He asks what. She hollers my dress opened at the back. Everyone look at her. Ashish says on people, all of you are moving awesome. She says the dress wasn’t right. He says I let you know, what happened. He says by what technique would you have the capacity to see. He says whats left to see. She asks for that he modify it.

The individuHe asks what may I do and makes her wear his jacket. She smiles seeing him. He holds her. al sings Tu mila to pata ye might… …. Ashish asks for that she come. She holds his hand and stops him. She hits the moving floor with him. He cheers her and grasps. She imagines a nostalgic hit the moving floor with him. They praise the playful new year and grasp. FB closes. Neela says time ended for me there, like Cinderella, I have kept your coat with me, I miss you. She said when you said in recuperating office that there is someone else in your life, I felt particularly panicked, like I lost you generally; my breath stopped, and when you said you are set up for marriage, I was so relieveHe asks when did I say yes. She says you can’t deceive me again.d. He says Neela; my unit would find me; you would go to act too, we will talk later. He closes call.