Asha calls Ashish! Naamkaran 27th October 2016 Episode Written Updates

Asha calls Ashish! Naamkaran 27th October 2016 Episode Written Updates : The TV series Naamkaran is actually depicted in the last night episode that Dayaben really pours kerosene on her to makes Ashish just panicked and shocked. The incident further shows that because of the Ashish and Asha’s wedding Avni and Ali are too happy. Avni says to Ali that we have to invite all here in my Mamma’s wedding as from now my family will be a normal family. She smiles and thinks on.


Ashish is thinking about Neela and says to himself that I have to the truth to Neela that I can’t marry her. Asha comes to Ashish and asked him to speak about the fact which is making him anxious.

Naamkaran 27th October 2016 Written Updates

Ashish asked Asha now that he has to complete some works and he call Neela and Ashish asked Neela that he is really very sorry that he can’t marry Neela as Neela is not his choice she is his mother Dayavanti’s choice.

Because of the network problem Neela could not hears anything and Ashish asked to her that she is now all set to tie the knot with love of his life Asha. Neela due to could not hear anything she did not get to know the truth.

Ashish is surprised to see that Neela did not get angry with his decision and wonder the reason. All the members in the house get tensed for Dayaben. They try to open the door and Hasmukh even call Ashish but Ashish did not respond. Dayavanti has been creating havoc in the house by saying that she can’t let her son marry a Muslim mistress and look forward to having way.

Avni now invites everybody on the wedding; she also invites her friend Kia and her mother. Avni one friend taunts her but Avni did not react and left by saying she has to distribute the invitation cards.
Ketan is now looking for a way by which he can stop his mother Dayavanti and Dayavanti decided to stop this wedding of Ashish with Asha anyhow.

Precap: Avni gets happy and asks that if it will be a Nikah or a Hindu marriage. Ashish asks them that he will come in some time. Avni asks him is he will be really come back and Ashish give her promise. Dayaben threw kerosene all around and she is about to burn herself.