Avni goes out Cries! Naamkaran 28th October 2016 Episode Written Updates!

Avni goes out Cries! Naamkaran 28th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! : The TV series Naamkaran is now keen to showcases that Ashish learns the truth of Dayawanti tells Ashish the truth about his father’s death. Meanwhile, Ali and Avni are busy decorating the house for the wedding. But will Ashish return or will he break Avni’s heart it is yet to clear anyway?


The episode further shows that Dayavanti asked Ashish that she hates Muslim as it is an Ashish dad who was there in the riot to sort out the issue actually has been killed by their trusted people. She elaborates to Ashish that how Aslam deceives them despite he was a good friend of Ashish’s dad.

Naamkaran 28th October 2016 Written Updates

On the other hand, now Ashok became too friendly with Avni and Ali. He even helps Avni by putting her on his shoulders and helps them to connect the light for the wedding of Asha and Avni. Dayavanti now asked Ashish that it is the hatred which actually supports us not the love.

And she explains to him that people are always there to support and protect each other’s religion. Asha is very happy for her wedding and Avni apply Mehendi on her hands, Dayavanti is broken down in tears thinking how she saved Ketan and Ashish from the riot and the goons.

She asked Ashish that how she was not even spare despite she was pregnant and she loses her baby. She also said how Ashish’s dad died in front of her for the riot and since that time she hates Muslim and she will be. She also announced that her son Ashish can’t marry a Muslim girl anyway.

Avni asked Asha that she also invites Dayavanti Dadi on the wedding and she said that she thinks that Dadi will come on the wedding. Asha looked shocked now and panic.

Precap: Avni goes out and cries, waiting for Ashish. Dayaben asks will you marry Neela or get linked to your dad’s murderer. She ignites a fire. Ashish shouts Maa and runs to her and Ketan tries to open the door where Dayavanti locked herself.