Dayaben is crying! Naamkaran 28th September 2016 Written Updates

Dayaben is crying! Naamkaran 28th September 2016 Written Updates :- The TV series Naamkaran is now yet to showcase how Dayawanti sees Avni, Asha Dayawanti tries to go and check on Asha and Avni. She sees Asha and Avni’s photographs with Ashish and also hears Asha talking to Ashish on the phone. Meanwhile, Avni tells Asha about an old woman snooping outside their house.


The episode of the TV series Naamkaran further shows that Ashish’s mother is too angry to realise that Ashish is having illicit relationship with Asha and he is meeting with Asha. Ashish’s mother is also shocked to know that Ashish is actually having a kid with Asha name Avni.

Now Dayaben follows the Asha’s house where she fumes on anger to see that Asha is speaking with Ashish. She also keep peeping at Asha and she realised that it is Asha is with Ashish and Ashish also handover him to her. She thinks to make Ashish free from the clutch of Asha.

Somehow Avni sees Dayaben and she said Mamma, ASha asked Ashish that now she needs to check something she will be calling him back and Asha asked Avni what happen, Avni asked Asha that an old woman is staring at their house and Asha.

Asha wonder who is she and Avni said that she sees someone. Ashish asked to Asha that you should stay alert by closing the door and he also realised that it must be his mother Dayaben. Asha gives nod and Dayaben out of anger go to the mansion and she was too angry thinking that Ashish is having some kind of relationship with a Muslim woman Asha aka Aisha.

Ashish tries to speak with his mother Dayaben from the shooting site so he calls his mother but his mother did not receive the call instead of his sister and his sister asked to him that she will be making him informed about it since Maa will be back as right now Maa is not in the home.

Ashish asked his sister that he need to speak with his Maa and his sister says okay. Ashish is very worried thinking how his mother will be reacted after knowing the truth that he is having the relationship with Asha.
Precap: Ashish tells Asha that its 11 years now and now I have told everything to Maa. Dayaben cries and asks Maa how I shall give my son to anyone; he does not belong to me anymore now.