Naamkaran 2nd November 2016 Episode Written Updates! Ashish gets shocked

Naamkaran 2nd November 2016 Episode Written Updates! Ashish gets shocked :- The TV series Naamkaran is yet to showcases now that Avni is waiting for Ashish and Ashish still did not come. This is so as Dayaben narrates a story to Ashish and says that your father is a gentleman and I was worried on that day. She says then some men come to take him and he goes to help his Muslim friends but somehow he dies there.


Dayaben asked Ashish that she reared him and Ketan all alone by facing every difficulty which is big deal for any woman. She also asked Ketan that he won’t let go Ashish somewhere.

Then the flashback is shown where Dayaben is hurt by a man and how her life ruined by a Muslim man. As we all know to make Dayaben happy Ashish now gives nod to be separated from Asha as his mother want that.
He also tries to reveal the truth to Neela but fail to do so. Finally, it is Ashish and Asha’s wedding breaking and Avni consider it is neither her mother’s mistake nor father’s.

Avni doesn’t even blame the situation, in fact, she only blames Dadi for the same.

In the meantime, Ashish tries to patch up with Asha but all goes in vain as after a long time Asha and Avni open the door and they asked Ashish that why he did not come still in the marriage.

Avni asked Ashish that he should have been at least once calling them. Ashish tries to give her explanations but Asha and Avni did not hear anything.

Asha asked Ashish that she will be with him and he will be with her if their love will be the strong one and he did not come here which shows that his love is weak for her.

Precap: Dayaben says it’s easy for me to make them out of your life, till you keep smiling, their breath will run. Ashish gets shocked.