Epic Twist! Naamkaran 30th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Epic Twist! Naamkaran 30th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The TV series Naamkaran is something interesting is all set to offer with a big twist which is enough to give you goosebumps. As off now the daily soap Naamkarann is yet to show that Dayawanti is actually planning to give Surprise Ashish and Dayawanti tells Hemant about Ashish and Neela’s engagement date. She also asks Neela to keep the news to herself. Will Ashish fall for his mother’s plan it is yet to clear?



Anyway, the last night episodes of the TV series Naamkarann started with Avni is giving the speech in her school and everybody praised her. She said thank you to the people and guests and announced that in the sports day she will be doing something amazing.

She asked her friends that her Papa will come but Avni’s friends make fun of her so Avni goes anger but thinks to prepares the guest list for the people who will be arriving in the sport. Dayawanti asked Neela and her dad that the engagement between Neela and Dayawanti will be a pleasant surprise for Ashish so she announced the preparations of the engagement.

Ashish is excited for reuniting with Asha and he shares the news with his friend but his friend is still sceptical of Maa Ji that how she can allow a Muslim to be the daughter-in-law of the house as Maa Ji is too orthodox, but Ashish said that Maa is doing this for me as I love Asha so she also loves Asha.

Neela’s dad denied doctor to reveal the truth of his disease to Neela as if Neela will know this she will deny marrying. Suddenly Neela arrives there but doctor changed the topic by saying that her dad wishes to dance in her engagement. Neela and her dad have some amazing and funny time together and Neela’s dad is just excited for her wedding with Ashish.

Somehow Ashish call to Dayawanti and she compares’ Avni with her which makes Dayawanti angry but she bares this as now she is in goal to drive out Asha from Ashish’s life. She asked Ashish that he need to come fast here to start the new aspect of his life.

Ashish also speaks something romantic with Asha while sitting in the Shikhara and both Asha and Ashish are now thinking of their new life.

Precap: Avni asks Bappa to favour her and send Ashish. Dayaben prays and says I won’t lose out to that girl. Avni thinks that if two people ask for the same thing, whose prayer wills Lord answer.