Naamkaran 31st October 2016 Written Updates! Avni criticises Yourself

Naamkaran 31st October 2016 Written Updates! Avni criticises Yourself :- The TV series Naamkaran is yet to showcases that Avni is requesting Dayawanti that Ashish needs to come in the wedding but Dayavabnti asked Avni that he is not allowed to call up Asha or attain the wedding. Meanwhile, Avni tells Dayawanti about her parent’s marriage and requests her to let Ashish visit them. Dayawanti stops him from revealing the truth to Neela. Will she let Ashish marry Asha it is yet to clear!


The last night episode of the TV series Naamkaran further shows that Avni asked Asha to get ready for the wedding in morning as soon as possible. Asha calls Ashish in the morning to know when he will come but Ashish is unable to receive the phone as neither Ketan nor Dayavanti let him call Asha.

Avni prepares Asha for the wedding as well gives her compliment which brings tears in her Kaaki’s eyes. Now Avni thinks to call Ashish for the wedding but Dayavanti receives the call and she also asked Avni that Ashish will not come for the wedding. Dayavanti also lashes out at Avni for calling her Dadi and Dayavanti also said that Avni and Asha are having no relationship with her.

Dayavanti asked Ashish that today actually she makes Ashish free from this Najayaz (Illicit) relationship which shattered Avni and Dayavanti also asked Avni that this wedding will not happen anyhow.

Dayavanti also asked Ashish that she is making him apart from Asha to make his life good and said sometimes in order to extract the poisoned from the body we have to give wound there too. Now Avni arrives and she announced to the guests that it is pleasure they come but now this wedding won’t happen.

Asha is now broken down in tears and shattered to know so. The guests also discuss with each other that we were aware of it that Ashish who is a big director will not marry Asha. In the mean time, Dayavanti trapped Ashish so he can’t go for the wedding.

Neela tries to know the fact from Ashish as Neela feels that Ashish is now living somehow dishearten. Ashish was about to reveal the truth to Neela but fail to do so as Dayavanti stands from behind and watched them.

The guests are shocked to know that wedding of both Ashish and Asha has been canceled. Avni and Asha are broken down in tears but Ali tries to lighten up the mood by saying that guests need to do dinner here.

Now everybody calls Avni Najayaz (Illicit Girl) and she asked the guests that how she can be Najayaz as in temple she receives the same Prasad which another one receives. Everybody now turns speechless and looked on.

Precap: Avni says my Mamma and Papa did not get married, you can call me illegitimate, but my Mamma also loves me like you love Kia. Asha hugs Avni and apologizes. Avni says no, it’s not your mistake, it happened because of Dadi and only Dadi