Naamkaran 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Ashish is getting engaged to neela

Naamkaran 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Ashish is getting engaged to neela :- The TV series Naamkaran begins with Dayawanti’s Shocking Demand Avni is upset with Ashish for not spending time with her. Hemant wants Ashish and Neela to marry. Ashish promises to attend Avni’s sports meet and is delighted with Dayawanti’s response to his email. Later, Avni awaits Ashish’s arrival while he complies with Dayawanti’s wish.


The last night episode of the TV series Naamkaran further shows that Avni is very sad thinking of her dad and when she will be living with her dad. Ashish also promised to Avni that he will be come to her play. Asha looks worried for Ashish and Avni and she hopes that Ashish will be fulfilled his promise.

Dayawanti asked to Ketan that he need to do the arrangements of the engagement of Ashish and Neela as tomorrow their engagement will be taking place. Dayawanti also speak with Neela’s dad that Neela’s engagement with Ashish will be happening tomorrow. Neela’s dad is too happy with it.

Ashish on the other hand, feeling happy after revealing the story between him and Asha to his mother and he also in informed the same to Asha. Ashish is now very sure about it that his mother will be giving him the permission to marry Asha.

After the preparations done, the guests arrived in the Ashish’s house where they hear about the sudden engagement of Ashish and Neela and they just bless Neela.

Ashish’s friend is shocked to know about the sudden engagement between Ashish and Neela and he informs it to Ashish. Ashish is surprised to know so and he wonders that how his mother can fix his engagement with Neela without asking him when she is aware of it that he loves Asha.

He tries to ask the question to his mother Dayawanti but Dayawanti take her to the Maa Kaali Mandir (Temple). On the other hand, Avni is waiting for her dad in the play of her school as she announced among her friends that her dad will be coming today.

Dayawanti asked Ashish that he have to give up his relationship with Asha and he has to marry Neela. Ashish said how I can do so I love Asha and she is waiting for me from last 11 years, but Dayawanti asked to that this is my last wish as very soon I will be dying.

Dayawanti asked to him that I am suffering from brain cancer, Ashish is shocked and with teary eyes, he asked his mother that he will follow what his mom will be asked him to do.

Precap: Ashish is getting engaged to Neela and Avni is waiting for him.