Naamkaran 5th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Avni is upset

Naamkaran 5th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Avni is upset :- The TV series Avni locks herself! Ashish confronts Hasmukh for not telling him about Dayawanti’s intentions. He apologises to Avni. Later, Dayawanti suggests that Neela takes Ashish on a dinner date!


The last night episode of the TV series Naamkaran begins with Ashish’s friend asked Ashish that he denied his relationship with Asha from the society for that now he is paying. His marriages with Neela not only ruin Asha and Avni’s lives it will be actually ruined Neela’s life too.

Neela arrives there suddenly and Ashish changed the topic. Neela’s dad make Ashish introduced with everybody and Dayawanti asked Ashish to go in dinner with Neela, Ashish gives the nod.

Avni is on the other hand broken down in tears to see that her dad did not join her in her sports day and because she is too hurt she just lock herself in the cupboard. Asha is keep asking Avni to come out but Avni is kept crying.

Ashish realised that he did not meet with Avni for that she call Asha and Asha asked Ashish that Avni is hurt but Asha will manage her. Ashish also asked Asha that he could not come as he was busy but he speaks with Avni and seeks an apology from her.

Now Dayawanti sees Ashish is speaking with Asha and she go annoyed. She asked Ashish that he is suffering from diseases’ and it is Daywanti will be curing him. Ashish looks annoyed and upset.

Now Daywanti asked Ketan when Ashish will be going to dinner with Neela, Ketan asked at 9:00 PM but now only 7:00 PM, I think Bhai can’t wait to meet with Neela. Dayawanti became sceptical that Ashish must be going to meet with Asha and she follows her to find in the Asha’s house backside.

Daywanti now have an argument with Ashish and she asked Ashish to come with her, Neela is waiting for her but Ashish asked to her that first, he need to meet with Asha and Avni but Dayawanti asked to him that it is not his marital relationship with Asha.

It is his illegal relationship with Asha as he can’t introduce Asha as his wife to the media. Ashish just looks now shattered.

Precap: Avni asked her friend that her family is incomplete as her dad is not with her.