Naamkaran 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Ashish flight delayed

Naamkaran 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Ashish flight delayed :- The TV series Naamkaran is now yet to depicts that will Avni See Ashish’s Truth? Dayawanti asks Ashish to not reveal about Hemant’s disease to Neela. Meanwhile, Asha’s mother tries to make Avni see Ashish’s truth. Later, Neela and Ashish go on a romantic dinner date.


Anyway the last night episode of the TV series Naamkaran begins with Dayawanti asked to Ashish that he need to meet with Neela as Neela is waiting for her and this is right time for him to give her the respect which Neela deserves.

Asha consoles’ to Avni who is totally broken down as Ashish did not come to her sports day. Asha asked to Avni that Papa may miss his flight but Avni very pessimistically asked to Asha that you can sleep now Papa won’t come. Neela proposes to Ashish in the dinner table but Ashish did not able give any reply to her; he only looks worried and upset.

Ashish thinks to speak with Asha so he calls Asha from the restaurant but unable to speak with her as there was massive sound on the concert hall where eventually he shakes legs with Neela. Afterward, Ashish meet with Avni but this time, Avni is unable to accept the excuses of Ashish.

She also asked to Ashish that he need to reveal the reality of why he is not leaving with them. Avni screams by saying “I wish to know the truth”. The entire scenario is yet to showcase in the tonight episode of the TV series Naamkaran.

Neela will be also somehow on the other hand getting to know the disease of her dad which just keeps her shattered. But till now Dayawanti asked to Ashish that he should not reveal the diseases’ of Neela’s dad to Neela unless she will be broken down.

On this issue, Daywanti will be also emotionally blackmailed Ashish to marry Neela as Neela is the person who is alone for him for the last 15years. Totally devastated Ashish will be unable to take any decision as he can’t hurt anyone especially his mother Daywanti and the childhood friend Neela.