Nice Start 2nd Episode! NaamKarann 13th September 2016 Written Updates Ep

Nice Start 2nd Episode! NaamKarann 13th September 2016 Written Updates Ep :- Meet Avni and Ashish from the new launches TV series Naamkaran is a new show about a young girl, Avni, daughter of a renowned filmmaker, Ashish. Thus begins her quest to define herself in this world. Ashish is in a relationship with Asha for the past eleven years but is not able to marry her.


NaamKaran is an adaptation of the 1998 film Zakhm, and reportedly the story is inspired by the director Mahesh Bhatt’s own life. To put it shortly, watching the show’s first episode was like you are watching the movie itself.

The first episode introduces Barkha Bisht (Asha) and Viraf Patel (Ashish Mehta), who has a child born out without having, customises wedlock. However, Asha and Ashish lie to the society that they are married to each other for 11 years and having a daughter Avni.

But that lie falls flat when Avni insists on her father to join her in school annual day, and her father asked to her that he is unable to join her in the school as he is having some works.

Meanwhile, Asha gets pregnant again, and Ashish promises to marry her, this time, to give a normal life to her kids. The TV serial now introduces Ashish’s mother – a staunch Gujarati woman played by Reema Lagoo. Despite her being an ideal mother, she doesn’t want Ashish to fall in love with anyone.

Ashish loves his wife, daughter, and mom from the core of his heart and he can’t even lose a single one from his life.

Ashish lies to his mom that Asha is his colleague which shows that how Ashish loves his mom, Asha is strong enough to raise her daughter alone but still she wishes to marry him as the wedding is an ultimate dream of every single girl.

Ashish is also equally strong-willed and doesn’t fear the society. He is ready to take the plunge when he says, “Iss baar main Maa se poochne nahi jaunga, batane jaunga”. But whether he will be able to fulfil his promise, it is the crux of the story.

In the last night episode of the daily soap, it has been shown that Ashish has a quality time with his daughter Avni and he is also excited as now it is Asha is second time pregnant. He also arrives in the nick of time when Avni has been seen annoying and Asha is very happy to see Avni and her dad’s proximity.

Precap: Ashish tells Asha that he will talk to Maa before his flight. Ashish tells his Maa that he needs to discuss and he thinks about Asha’s words. Avni says I m sure Papa will come in sports day.