Vasuki tells yashhoda! Nagarjun/Naagarjuna Ek Yoddha 26th September 2016 Written Updates

Vasuki tells yashhoda! Nagarjun/Naagarjuna Ek Yoddha 26th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Yashoda and Maheshwar reaching home. Tina asked what happened as I saw you with Rakshas? Aunty gets panicked. Maheswar says the whole city is panicking, and he asked them to pack their bags.

Arjun/ Rakshas came there, and he throws his poison inside the house, and everyone gets suffocated. Moore came there, and she throws a stone on Arjun. Arjun attacks her, but Shankchurn dragged her.


But, Norrie again attacked Arjun with a rod. Arjun came to attack Norrie, but Shankchurn once again saved her. He asked Norrie to run, and Norrie runs, and Arjun follows her.

Arjun was just about to kill Norrie, but Takshakh ordered him to kill his dear ones. Arjun turns his way toward his family for killing them. Vasuki thinks I need to save Arjun’s family and he created an illusion around Arjun’s family, and Arjun left from there. Shankchurn did the bandage of Noori and asked here why she did, as she would have to get killed?

Norrie says she is an ACP and its her right to save people. Shankchurn asked Noorie to leave. Vasuki asked Shankchurn to help him for finding the soul of Arjun, but Shankchurn denied and said he is not a fool to help his enemy. Shankchurn told Vasuki that he would become the ruler of Naglok, once he gets Arjun away from Takshak.

Shankchurn meet Nagmaya and Mohini and aksed them to find out the location where Takshak has hidden the soul of Arjun. Mohini goes and meet his father Takshak and aksed where Arjun’s soul is?

Takshak told her that he had hidden Arjun’s soul where no one can reach, and he will not tell about this to Mohini because he does not trust them.

Shankchurn told Mohini and Nagmaya that he need to get Arjun’s soul and if, he will get then even Rakhak will be his servant. Nagmaya says Shankchurn’s greed will get him killed. Shankchurn told her that he need to find Arjun’s soul before Vasuki find it.


Vasuki tells Yashoda it is important to get Arjun’s soul to protect humanity, and he has to find it. Astika tells Vasuki that Arjun’s soul is not in naglok or pataal, it is on earth. Arjun sees his soul in his locket.