Nagin 15th November 2015 Episode Real Face Of Shivanya Comes Out

Nagin 15th November 2015 Episode Real Face Of Shivanya Comes Out : In horror TV series “Nagin” real face of the mystery woman Shivanya has comes out. She is actually after Ritvik and his family to seek revenge from them. This has been shown in the yesterday night episode. Shivanya is after the family to seek as actually, it was Ritwik’s and Tanvi’s dad who had killed the mom and dad of Shivanya’s to snatch the “Naag Mani” from them. Shivanya she was too young in that time it was 20 years back story. She witness her mom and dad’s murder and she decides to seek revenge from them.

Nagin 15th November 2015 Episode Real Face Of Shivanya Comes Out

Nagin 15th Nov 2015 Episode Written Updates

That’s why she attracted Ritvik towards her to repeat the same. Ritwik is totally smitten by Shivanya’s beauty but interestingly Shivanya is not human in fact she is an “Ichchadhari Nagin” who is very angry and ready to seek revenge.

Last night episode had show that the “Sapera” hold the first “Ichchadhari Nagin” and the “Sapera” was about to kill her, the modern generation is not believing this “Ichchadhari Nagin” concept then “Sapera” was ready to show it. In the mean time, Ritvik arrived and he saves the “Nagin”. Ritvik said it is not right to torture an animal.

Ritvik’s mom scolds him but he is not ready to listen anything related to orthodoxy stuffs. Meanwhile, Tanvi catch Ritvik with Shivanya, Tanvi hurts and take promise from her fiancée that he should not meet with Shivanya again. Ritvik agreed to do so and the couple got engaged.

In the mean time, Ritvik’s mom drive Shivanya out from her house politely afterward Shivanya leaved at the same time she is worrying how to enter in the Ritvik’s house.

She created a false scene in which she depicted a false story of her life that her fiancée wants to kill her, he is literally torturing her, snatching money from her. She can’t do anything still she has to marry him. She created this false story in front of Ritvik, which caught her Ritvik’s attention and Ritvik brought her in his home.

Ritvik also throw the “Suraksha Kawach” which was kept by the “Sapera” for their safety, “Sapera” is also became unable to do anything now.

Tonight episode it will be shown that Shivanya will be planning to carry on her mission but she will be catching the attention of Ritvik’s mom and Ritvik’s mom will be asking about her mission.