Nagin 21st November 2015 Episode Shivanya’s Shows Real Face!

The TV serial “Nagin” is going full-on twists and turns these days which is loaded with huge entertainment. Day by new new stuffs is getting disclosing and is coming in front of us. In the last week episode of TV series “Nagin” we watched that how Ritwik falls in love with Shivanya who is actually a “Nagin” herself. The engagement of Ritwik also took place between Tanvi and him.

Nagin 21st November 2015 Episode Shivanya’s Shows Real Face!

Nagin 21st Nov 2015 Episode

In the engagement it was Ritwik’s brother who tried to molest Shivaanya with his evil intention. While, molestation Shanaya tried to show her real face but she hide it as she wants to kill her enemy brutally.

First time she has been saved by Ritwik but second time when Ritwik’s brother tried to rape her she fight for herself as well Ritwik brutally beat him. Eventually, Ritwik’s brother blackmailed her by saying that I’ll break marriage of Ritwik if you won’t sleep with me.

With his these words Shivanya turn out to be dangerous and she decides to kill the entire family of Ritwik cruelly. She also showed her real evil “Nagin” face. Fortunately no one saw that. Although Ritwik’s mom is skeptical about her as well she is scaring from the snake.

Nagin 21st Nov 2015 Episode Video

Ritwik’s mom’s gut feeling is saying that the “Nagin” will be definitely arriving to bite her family so she is constantly staying alert. Anyway, it will be interesting to see tonight episode of the TV series “Nagin” in which probably Shivnaya will be appearing in her real face as a cruel man is after her to snatch her honor.

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