Nagin 22nd November 2015 Episode Shivanya To Kill Viren!

Nagin 22nd November 2015 Episode Shivanya To Kill Viren! : The last night episode of the TV serial “Nagin” was haunted one in which Shivanay shows her real as well scary face to Viren. Viren who set his lust full eyes on Shivanya is all set to die tonight in the hands of Shivanay. In the last night episode it shows in the TV serial that Ritwik wants to break his marriage with Tanvi who is desperately in love with Ritwik from her childhood days.

Nagin 22nd November 2015 Episode Shivanya To Kill Viren!

Nagin 22nd Nov 2015 Episode

Ritwik realize it is actually Shivanay with whom Ritwik is in love and Ritwik is unaware from the fact of mystery woman Shivanay. In the mean time, Ritwik’s mom decides Ritwik to get him marry tonight at any cost.

Ritwik’s dad wanted to delay his son’s marriage but Ritwk’s mom and Panditji literally emphasis Ritwik’s marriage to take place tonight.

When Ritwik’s dad force them to reveal the fact that why it is important for Ritwik to get married tonight they reveal that in Ritwik’s Kundli there is a “Markesh Dosh” means he need to marry before his age 25 unless he will be dying.

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Shivanay who entry in the house by taking form of Tanvi’s dad and she listen everything. She also strong the promise to herself that even god is supporting her to seek revenge from enemy.

In the mean time, suddenly Ritwik went in outing in a haunted and lonely night in the day of his marriage and he also request Tanvi to break the marriage. But Tanvi is in no mood to break her marriage with Ritwik, as Tanvi is not ready to gets defeat from a maid-servant. She doesn’t wants world to let know that her fiancée leaved her for a maid-servant.

While, walking in the road Ritwik suddenly realize that it is not right what he is doing. Today is his marriage and today he should be in the marriage hall.

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In the tonight episode it will be shown that Viren who brought Shivanay in the hotel to satisfy his lust will be killing by Shivanay. Shivanay will be also showing her real face in the tonight episode.