Nagin 28th November 2015 Episode Written Updates

The horror genre TV serial “Nagin” is doing very well in the small screen these days. It is an out an out new concept show anyway. The story is revolves round an “Ichchadhaari nagin”. In the last night episode we watched that Shivaanya appears in her real avatar which is an Ichchadhaari avatar and in her snake form she bites Viren. Viren set his lustful eyes on Shivaanya. Viren appear in the house, although he was wounded. He arrives in the house and went into coma. He is unable to speak anything. Obviously, accident happened with Viren so marriage of the Ritwik should be postponed. Ritwik’s dad postponed his marriage, even Ritwik don’t want to starts his new life when his elder brother Viren is fighting with his death for his life.

Nagin 28th November 2015 Episode Written Updates

Nagin 28th November 2015 Episode

But still Ritwik’s mom wants him to marry with Tanvi as unless he will be dying. On the other hand, Shivanaaya don’t want Ritwik’s to get married. So, she decides to break his marriage. Shivaanaya use her evil trick and appeared in the Tanvi’s room and she literally discussed with her that by marrying Ritwik Tanvi is taking risk of his life. After marriage instead of Ritwik now Tanvi will be died.

Now Tanvi run away from her marriage with Ritwik as she doesn’t want to be killed. Now Shivanaay get ready like bride and appeared in front of Ritwik’s mom. Ritwik’s mom is not ready to her bride but she is ready to make Shivanaaya as her daughter-in-law as she has no option and without marriage Ritwik might die.

In tonight episode it will be shown Shivanaaya will be appear in bridal get-up to marry Ritwik. Co-incidentally the day of Shivanaaya’s marriage is the day of “Punam Ki Raat” in which night an “Ichchadhaari Nagin” is unable to hide her real face and she will be anyhow appearing in her real face. It will be interesting to see how Shivanaaya will be hiding her real face.

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