Nagpur: Chef killed in Road Accident CCTV Footage Latest News and Photos

We are sharing with you a piece of news of a tragic accident that took place in Nagpur, Maharashtra. It has been reported that a speedy car took over the life of a man. The horrifying incident occurred near Rana Pratap Nagar Police Station. Reports are telling that the deceased man was on his way on the bike with his friend and the car pushed hard the two-wheeler. The man died on the spot and his friend is critically injured as per the reports. The family of the man is devastated by the sudden demise of the man. We are providing you with the whole information of the fatal incident that took place in Nagpur and took away the life of a man. Be with us.

Chef killed in road accident

It has been reported that two men were on the way on their bike and a car hit them in the early morning as per the recent reports. The man who died on the spot has been identified as Munna Khemchand Chauhan. He was 46 years old and was a resident of Raj Nagar. The accident took place in an area under Rana Pratap Nagar Police Station limits. After receiving the information about the accident, the police reached the spot. The car driver has been arrested by the police. A case has been registered against the driver for rash driving.

Chef killed in Road Accident

The incident took place in the early morning. It has been reported that the deceased and his friend were travelling on a scooter when their vehicle was hit by a speeding car. The deceased man is a chef in a city restaurant Shere Punjab situated in Parsodi in Nagpur as the sources told. The injured man has been admitted to the hospital. The family of the chef is shattered by his death. The people of Raj Nagar are shocked to hear the news as the man was very generous and kind.

It might seem like a piece of news of an accident which we witness every other day but these tragic incidents devastate the families who suffer from these. Despite the awareness of guidelines for road safety measures, People who in haste create these incidents no matter not intentionally but become the cause of ruing other’s life. We have shared the information that was sourced by us till now. We will be back to you with more updates so stay connected with us. Stay tuned.

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